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When I first visited Sacred Heart, the girls seemed friendly, modest and well behaved, but in reality they are spoiled brats most of the time. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE APPLYING TO SACRED HEART! Sacred Heart is overall an okay school. The students care to get good grades, and most of the time, they try hard. Being new in the middle school, what annoys me most is that the snobbish girls have something against new students and teachers. I feel very excluded at times, and I know that new teachers feel this way too among their fellow colleagues. Although it may seem very catholic from the outside, with a chapel and everything, it is NOT truly catholic! The girls may be from catholic families, but their bratty, spoiled attitude is not what it means to be catholic!
If I had to start over again, I would choose Sacred Heart without a doubt! The challenging curriculum, the amazing teachers, wide array of extracurriculars have made my high school experience one I will treasure for the rest of my life!
I have enjoyed my time here and especially the people I have met. Be prepared to work hard though, especially in high school.
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Sacred Heart has great faculty and gives you a fantastic education. However, the environment can be toxic. There is a standard "Sacred Heart girl" and if you don't fit under that umbrella, your experience can be isolating. The school is trying to improve this aspect, but for now being different is still taxing.

This isn't to say that everyone in Sacred Heart is a mean girl. The issue is that most of the students are rich, white, and outgoing, and only have experience with others who are the same. They aren't malicious, but the social divide is a product of the environment. If you visit Sacred Heart and feel like you have a lot in common with the students, you will have a good experience. If not, apply elsewhere.

I will say that Sacred Heart is an inspiring school. This school is one of few that focuses on service. Sacred Heart girls are all people who want to get involved and make the world a better place. Most private schools don't focus on service with as genuinely as CSH.
It was very good. I learned a lot. Underrated. The faculty are so helpful. I have a family at sacred heart that I don’t have at home. So thank you.
I am so lucky to have been able to attend Sacred Heart. The teachers dedicate so much time and effort into your success, the classes are small and the conversations are (mostly) amazing and thought-provoking, and the resources are insane (for all classes, sports, libraries, art, etc). I have found an amazing community of friends and peers, and have found such a great support system here. I am so ready for college, but admittedly, I will miss this place.
I have been going to Sacred Heart since kindergarten, and it’s a really great school! I have learned so much here!
Extremely strong academics and rigorous courses. Excellent school facilities with one of the best sports facilities in NYC. Teachers are very caring and take the time to make sure the girls are successful and will take extra time, whenever necessary, to make sure girls understand material , and reach their potential. In addition, the girls are taught the importance of giving back to society which becomes a part of who they are and those values remain with them for the rest of their lives. Lower and Middle are academically strong yet offer a kind and nurturing staff that is unique and engaged in teaching progressive curriculum. Girls are extremely successful in college placement, and thrive in some of the most selective colleges in the country. Truly one of the best girls schools in the country.
I can really say CSH is my second home! The classes are really hard but you make life long friends. The teachers are always there for you if you are behind, confused or just want to talk.
Convent of Sacred Heart gave my daughter the inner strength and believe in herself, gave her a wise understanding of the society we live in. She excelled in her studies and became part of a strong network of women around the world.
I highly recommend Sacred Heart education for your daughter.
There are a large variety of extracurriculars including some unique ones such as French and Latin newspaper publications, Book Club, Campus Ministry, and Human Trafficking Awareness Club. It is fairly accessible to start a club as well.
The school needs to make a much larger effort on diversity. There little to no minorities in the Upper School in particular, and as the years go by, this number is dwindling. The school also needs to do a better job of teaching the girls how to respectfully argue politics without hitting below the belt or completely disregarding those with different opinions than she has.
All teachers come into class prepared for the lesson. All teachers are willing and required to meet outside of class if students are struggling or want extra help.
Definitely something for everyone. Everyone is pretty committed to their clubs, whether it's mock trial or Model UN. Admissions is also very popular.
Never really went to the nurse
I made friends for life at this school and was taught by some of the greatest teachers I'll probably ever have. It challenged me being surrounded by such passionate, intelligent, well-rounded peers.
The teachers are so passionate about their work, but you can also joke around with them and have a conversation outside of class. Because it's such a small school they get to know you really well (and vice versa) after four years together.
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Sacred Heart is unique in that it fosters an environment that tries to make students feel as comfortable as possible, and puts emphasis on caring for those around you. Sacred Heart teaches students to be to be both lovers and fighters- we are taught to fight for everything we believe in. However, the school does not always make sure its students practice what it preaches, and people can become very clique-y. While no one is outright mean, there are often petty fights within grades between cliques.
The teachers are the best part about Sacred Heart. They are so encouraging, intelligent, and helpful and they are probably the best part about the school.
Not very helpful in terms of bullying
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