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Being one of the few Black people at Convent & Stuart Hall, have shaped me into the person that I am becoming. This school has definitely prepared me for college. The only thing the school really lacks is diversity.
My sons attend Stuart Hall and it's been wonderful. If you want your children to avoid the pressure-cooker situation of other independent high schools in the city and to feel supported and loved by schoolmates and teachers alike, this is the place!
On the surface, everyone is really welcoming and sociable but when it comes to academics it’s extremely vigorous and competitive. For sports, there is plenty of spirit and attendance for the boys sports but for the girls, people barely show support which is definitely something I would change. Overall, I loved it here, especially studying in such a beautiful environment.
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SHHS is an exceptional high school. As my son wraps up his senior year we have reflected on the wonderful experience he has had. Top quality faculty, small classes, excellent athletics and wonderful school community. School does a tremendous job focusing on the development of its students into thoughtful, articulate, well rounded young men. Not only is it academically rigorous it works to emphasis the intellectual growth from the all angles, head, heart and body.
Stuart Hall High School provides thoughtful programming and a unified, welcoming environment. I'm impressed by the way the school addresses masculinity head-on and encourages the boys to be vulnerable and kind individuals. This is a great school for kids who love sports and who thrive in small classes. The most disappointing aspect of this very expensive school is the inconsistent quality of the teachers. Some teachers are incredible and sincerely change student's lives in profound, positive ways, while others are well-intentioned but do not know how to teach. The school seems to be enthralled by people who have MDs or PhDs, but fancy degrees alone do not make someone an effective teacher. It's not clear how much professional development or oversight the school provides to the ineffectual teachers. The whole point of sending kids to these expensive private schools is to pay for high quality teaching across the board, and this should be the number one priority of the administration.
Stuart hall though having a fairly reasonable, perfectly adequate curriculum for the average student fails in providing any form of challenging material up until the high school. The social environment is also awful. It’s a private all boys catholic school what do you expect. The social hierarchy is extremely strict and cruel. The school pretty much defines the term “toxic masculinity”. Being LGBTQ is basically suicide as you will instantly be made fun of and ostracized. Subtle racism isn’t all too uncommon, as the school is pretty lenient on social justice and things. Is there potential? Yes. The student body needs to fixed.
I recently started at Convent, and I love it. My old school gave me an advanced math curriculum. Convent was ready to let me place into the advanced class that I needed. They have been supportive of all of my academic ambitions.
The community is something that I have never experienced before. There are no cliques. We are all friends. I feel comfortable going up to any of the girls and asking for help. The interaction with Stuart Hall is limited, but when we do get together it is truly something. The teachers are so supportive and are always happy to meet with you and work with you on a subject. In short, Convent is an amazing environment and I absolutely love it.
Some background: I went to a very small, very Asian elementary school that was three blocks from my house. I grew up with almost no conception of race, privilege, or social status. I just knew people were people. Academically, I was a smart kid who struggled with finding motivation to study – I always knew that I could get perfect grades and high test scores if I just flipped that "switch" in my head. That complacency changed when I went to Stuart Hall. My classes challenged me, my classmates inspired me, and the community around me became an extension of my family. I'll certainly miss Stuart Hall next year, but I know that I'll always be welcomed back on campus, and I truly cherish that.
The best high school experience anyone can ever ask for. I have had a great time at Stuart Hall so far, and I look forward to the next few years I get to spend with the amazing people around me.
Convent is amazing school, with unique teachers and teaching styles, dynamic classroom experiences, and constant opportunities to connect with the community. The teachers have a genuine passion for the students and the subject material, and always make sure that class is an engaging and wholesome experience for all. The teachers of different subjects find ways to collaborate and bring new perspectives to their classes. The small class sizes and combination of single-sex and coed classes provides ample opportunities to form relationships with classmates and teachers from Stuart Hall. The twice weekly assembly and PAWS advisory meeting ensure that the entire community has a chance to connect and share. Overall, the Convent experience is one that is worthy of the very high price tag.
I loved everything about convent & Stuart hall! The academics were rigorous and challenging, the sports were great, and the community was even better!
I loved how the foundation of the school's spirit is rooted in community and unity. Not only with student to student connections, but also between students and staff, and staff and staff relationships.
I was able to experience great education. My time here was good. Made lots of need friends. Teachers were always willing to work with me when I needed the help. Mr. Teixeira taught me some great skills on studying and has helped me a lot. My time here was great!
What I loved most about Convent and Stuart Hall was the sense of community. Going into high school is a big transition but the people you meet immediately become your family and make things less daunting. As a K-12 student and recent graduate of Convent High School in San Francisco, I can say that the school has changed a lot over the years and will continue to change in the future. Convent and Stuart Hall's faculty members do their best to work alongside their students and make sure their learning experiences are the best they can be.
A great private Catholic school with fantastic faculty. It is a small school, and this is reflected in the great teacher to student ratio. Recently, however, the school's headmaster has taken the school onto a path that takes away the special qualities of the school.
Convent & Stuart Hall is an amazing network of schools that has provided me with a lot of preparation for my life later on, academically and professionally.
I loved going to Convent, I enjoyed my teachers and classmates.
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Most Teachers at Convent are amazing, I think alot of the faculty is very good, some teacher are very strict
It was a perfect school for me but flaws in admin
I would 100% choose this school if I were to do it all over again.
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