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I liked going to conval, I think there was a lot of tolerance for things like dresscode, gender identity and sexuality. But I think it’s important to know that the students wont have the same tolerance as the faculty
Pretty much, my high school is what you make of it. If you go into ConVal your freshman year with a positive attitude towards the school, you'll have a pretty good time.

Participate. There are a ton of clubs, sports, art programs, languages, etc., that you can take on. Get close with the good teachers. Bowman, Putnam, McKay, etc. They care about you, and they want you to succeed.

Go to the lame-ish CV parties and hang out with different CV groups your first couple years. But then really identify with the people who MAKE YOU HAPPY. There is quite a range of personalities at ConVal for you to reside with.

Wednesday pastas days are a freaking TREAT, and they just put in Nesquik chocolate milk. So that's pretty cool. Otherwise, I'd recommend bringing your own lunch to school. There's microwaves and plastic ware so.

Go to the sports games, not just football, soccer just won the Division 2 championships.

This is from a ConVal senior girl who’s tried it all. Have fun.
I moved from a big city to the small town of Peterborough, and knowing how the high school was in the city, I am very glad to have had the opportunity to attend ConVal, even though my peers may take it for granted. ConVal has an unparalleled sense of school spirit, which is evident at every Friday night football game and pep rally. There are so many activities, there is something to make sure every student is included. Yes, some of the classrooms need to be updated, and the school is not perfect -- but the feeling of community and the bond between the students cannot be rivaled.
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Conval High school has the potential to be good but it has not reached that point yet, large amounts of teachers are always coming and going. One time they fired a teacher that was retiring one day before he was leaving. The school campus isn't that good it could use a lot more work.
ConVal was a really great school that gave me a lot of opportunities. The school is very focused on sports and the arts. I had many teachers who helped me greatly with getting ready for college and creating portfolios.
I have had an overall good experience at ConVal High School. Most of the teachers will go out of their way to help their students succeed and my guidance counselors have been very helpful along the way.
I loved it! very great experience! did not have any bullying towards myself, but know others who have. Sports were a good experience and made lots of friends that way.
ConVal High School has some truly remarkable and engaging teachers, they not only teach in the classroom but many are very involved in the community as well, I think that extra bond connects many of these teachers on an even deeper level.
Conval Regional High School has a great curriculum and very dedicated teachers. The school also offers a lot of clubs, there is something for everyone to get involved in at the school. We also have every sport and brand new gym. Parents are very involved, especially if you're in the band. The areas that need improvement are students need to work together more and we need to change the food service. We also need more support from the community. Overall, I think you get as much out of your education as you invest in the opportunities that are available to you.
ConVal employs a few teachers who are some of the smartest and wisest people I've ever known. That being said I have also had a couple of truly dismal teachers, although a couple of the worst have moved on or been let go. The administration is also at a weird point. Our former principal was very progressive, and a great man, but he stepped down somewhat suddenly, and the interim principal who is now acting principal, leaves a bit to be desired. It is my impression that he is only a few years from retirement, and so is keeping the school in a bit of a stalemate position, inhibiting any attempts to change things for the better. The building leaves much to be desired, with white cinderblock walls and a disturbing lack of windows. On a positive note, the school has done a fairly good job of providing a safe space free of fights or much bullying, with a very large and open LGBTQ population.
My experience at Conval regional highschool was good, The diversity there was good. When I confronted the teacher, (or was confronted by the teacher) all that happened was that he sent me to the office to report them, (and this was only after they began to do the same in my teachers other classes. The only punishment these boys received was to be suspended for three days. In my opinion, when someone puts their hands on another person, should be expelled and not allowed to return ever. The punishments need to be a whole lot stricter, enforced and etc. I feel like the teacher did nothing much about it. I feel the education didn't do anything to prepare me for real life or college. The writing class I took was very helpful, and introduced me to writing more seriously and helped me to tremendously improve my writing's imagery and originality. I recommend any new or advanced writer to take it. I wasn't really prepared for anything. I would want more life oriented classes.
Conval is a very safe environment as I have observed in my years attending highschool. The amount of oppurtunities us students have are endless and the academic support by teachers is amazing. So much aid is offered to those who struggle In a course and thats amazing and i dont usually see it. There are multiple activities run by the school to bring out community together which has helped a lot of our athletics. Be more conval!
ConVal was great and had a lot to offer. They had special ed to ap and everything in between. The school is very accepting of the LGBT community and all divercitys. It's is an overall great environment. I wanted to be a nurse and was even able to get my LNA license through the school for free. The sports teams aren't the greatest but they're still fun to watch and we have most story's Variety, JV and a few unified teams. An over great expirnce for me.
ConVal was a great high school to go to. I had fantastic teachers who were passionate about their subjects, and always ready to help me when I needed. I was able to play sports all year, and academically succeed, which prepared be more college.
I changed schools in the middle of the school year and was very nervous about switching to a new school. Conval had dispelled any worries I had about the new school. Every one at Conval was kind and willing to help if I had any question or problems. The classes gave students the tools to get any assignments done and the teachers were will to help if there was any trouble. Conval was amazing and I am very proud to have graduated from there.
While ConVal is relatively small, they offer many resources to further your education. TASC in particular is a school-wide program that allows students time to book to teachers for extra help, study hours, or to pursue an additional interest.
Great staff that is willing to go above and beyond to help students. Very involved student body with many driven students.
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Conval is a wonderful high school. The teachers there work hard to provide the education needed to further education.
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What I liked about Conval, was that the teachers and guidance counselors were always willing to help out. A lot of the students, myself included, and teachers had connects with one another, they care about you. I know that if I had to change anything about Conval, this is where I would put it, but the only thing I would change would be peoples outlook on Conval, it really is a great school.
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