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I have enjoyed the special care in our academics, especially this past year as we updated our technology. The issue with this school though is that it is very small, and so petty dramas can get out of hand quite easily.
What I liked about high school is how much some of the teachers actually care about you. If someone is looking to go to Constantine I would recommend it because the environment is friendly and there is a program where if you have perfect attendance you can be exempt from an exam. The principal will take time to listen to you and the office staff is very friendly. The band program is also my favorite program that is involved throughout the school district.
I love the diversity of my school. Everyone fits in with each other. Our school is so diverse that a new student would make tons of friends in their first week of starting. The staff and administrators are super nice and very helpful too.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed going to school her at Constantine High School. The teachers are friendly and care about each individual. I will always recommend this school to others.
My experience at Constantine High School started in 2014 and has been an amazing time since then. As a freshmen, all the movies make you think the "big upperclassmen" will throw you in lockers or be mean to you. This was not the case for me, as I became friends with a lot of the upperclassmen and still remain good friends to this day. Everyone is so involved, inviting and compassionate from the students to the teachers to the administrating staff. I could not have asked for a better community to have spent the last four years in. If I could change anything about Constantine High School is the building itself, making it bigger so the ever growing population fits comfortably.
The learning style is great and its an overall amazing environment. They got me int sports and I had an amazing time while being there
We have few extracurriculars compared to other schools, but all in all it's a good school with a mostly friendly atmosphere.
Constantine is where I grew up and went to school my entire life. Although, just because I went there doesn't mean I loved everything about it. There is always going to be good and bad no matter what school you go to but Constantine High School was not my favorite place to be. My sophomore year there made me want to start homeschooling. I didn't end up doing that. I just decided that I would take a lot of college classes and I could avoid being at the high school as much as possible. It's now senior year and I take all my classes at a community college for dual credit and I love not being at my high school. However, the one thing I do love at the high school is our office ladies and how nice they are.
While attending Constantine High school in Constantine Mi, I am pleased to say that the teachers there do as much as possible to help. If they have to stay after school they will take the time to make arrangements to do so. During my senior year I have realized that with our new principle that we have everybody has sort of became one big family. Before he came you had those students who like to start problems but now they do not do it as much as often. I would like to see that the teachers who are coaches of a major sport take more time in helping the students that are not involved. They tend to favor the football players a lot.
I had a great experience during my years at Constantine Public Schools. All of the staff is focused on the success of students and most all students are very involved in after school activities.
All the teachers go above and beyond to help the students succeed!
There are many options for classes, yet there aren't many advanced classes for the advanced students.
There are many different clubs and sports for students. If students wish to see a certain club form all they have to do is find a teacher to advise the club after school.
Our doors are always locked and you must ring the "bell" and have the front office buzz you in. Its a very safe precaution.
Some teachers relate to the kids better than others and have multiple teaching methods.
Bullying isn't a big problem at our school, were very small and majority of the classes get along great. We accept everyone for who they are as an individual, no matter what their "social status" is.
The teachers are very strict on dress code, yet they don't dress code everyone fairly. They are a little too strict on it.
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The athletics at my school are very important, the whole community gets involved when it comes to sports. All of our sport programs are very competitive.
We use a lot of technology
The food is not good.
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