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Best staff and environment on Long Island. Should be rated up high but never gets the recognition it deserves.
I believe that Connetquot high school is a very good school. It consists of many great classes that can clearly help a student find its path to the future. But, I am rating it 4 stars because sometimes teachers are lazy, they will brush over topics and class or just barely show any interest in their students. But that is only a good handful out of the entire staff. My time at connetquot has gone well. I am so proud to be apart of their many activists like the schools drama club. Which in comparison to many other school, go all out. Connetquot has its ups and downs but that’s like every school. But if you’re searching for a good school district to send your child, connetquot is the way to go.
The school itself is really good and the teachers try to help you but sometimes the way things get planned out are not fully and can hurt the school at times
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Had a great time, and learn a lot of the skills and subjects needed for my future. I was also offers plenty of AP courses.
In terms of college, the guidance department helps with absolutely nothing. Majority of the college process has to be figured out by the students- those of which are already stressed enough. This past year alone there were upwards of four shooting threats and two bomb threats which led to multiple days of bag searches and many students missing school out of fear for their lives. There is a large percentage of students who cannot afford the cost of their means; some of which cost $3.25 per. While free or reduced lunch programs are available, many families are unable to meet the specific criteria to receive assistance from these programs and are forced to either find a way to pay the $3.25 or to go hungry. The students are cliquey and reluctant to allow outsiders into their groups; they can be brutal to one another, and the mass economic divide of students coming from homes ranging from million dollar mansions to run down trailer parks makes things worse.
I love that in Connetquot there are clubs and sports for everyone. The Administrators and counselors are always there to help you to be your best and to keep us (the students and staff) safe with our many drills and our assembly's.
It's most likely common to feel this about one's highschool, but Connetquot High School is a very strange place. There are students from many different lives, from those who can barely afford their trailer home to those with beachside mansions, and yet somehow there is an over all sense of unity that we all had to go to this school. I had a very good experience with teachers, getting very close with many. That's probably the best thing about Connetquot, the faculty are wonderful people. Even many custodians were on a first name basis with me. It is a place full of adults who chose their careers because they're passionate about them.
I liked the available classes and electives I was able to be enrolled in. I liked how excited some teachers were about their subjects/electives. I really liked hoe willing the staff was to help. I however, didn't like how strict they are about passes but i'm aware that it is for our safety.
Connetquot is an excellent school that has many quality teachers. I would like to see them improve student preparation for college. Help students improve study skills, and college search help and advice on the whole process from search to application.
Connetquot High School was an amazing place to grow up! The teachers and staff love to be there and care about making a difference in students' lives. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of school spirit. Many students didn't care to be part of something bigger than themselves.
Connetquot high school is definitely not like other high schools out there. I go to college in Florida and have made friends from different countries and states and they say my high school is the only one that has all these fun events, like freshman awareness and stay awake athon, and to really send their seniors off with great memories, like senior banquet, senior trip, senior day, etc. In all, CHS is where to go to, to not only make great memories and be involved in so much, but to also make a long lasting family.
The guidance counselors are complete idiots. The principles are sexist and have said that if girls are dressing with their stomachs out "they must be missing something in their lives." The kids are all assholes. The teachers themselves are pretty awesome and the food is good. Our home football games are pretty awesome.
The school bought me academic highs that I thought I would never reach on my own. The school's teachers are the most qualified people I have ever meet. They always have time for you and they always take time out of their day for you.
Everyone is very open and kind and it is a very safe and valuable environment. I feel valued and accepted which is always important. Also my education is valued throughout. From the counselors, to my teachers, my education and my personal success is valued greatly.
Connetquot High School was honestly, a very good high school. Known mostly for its musical and athletic department, its extra curricular programs were what truly made the school so special. Majority of the teachers and administrators were very personable and willing to help any child in any situation.
Connetquot High School is an incredible school, and as a senior in high school I feel extremely prepared to head off to college this fall.
Teachers and administration are very interested in their students education, I find all academic programs to be top notch. There is enough offered to all student. Sports and many other after school programs are offered for all different likes. School food programs are very nutritious and school cleanliness is the best.
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Engaged teachers. Mostly friendly environment. Plenty of clubs, sports, and activities to get involved with. Solid college prep. The usual clicks found in every school. Overall it was a positive experience.
Connetquot High School was just like any other High school. The average school fights, the crazy kid yelling at a teacher, and even the disgusting lunch foods. However, Connetqout's extra-curricular clubs and sports teams were above standards. The football team was almost undefeated a few years in a row and the drama club would and still will always put on amazing musicals. The teachers, always caring and always annoying, considered their students to be like their children. They looked out for them and made sure to push them when needed. Connetquot High School is not the best, by far, but it is an amazing High School the provides great experiences.
I love the relationship that you can make with the teachers. The faculty and staff are the best and so helpful. One thing that I would like to see changed is the security measures. I think that students should be allowed to leave campus and to go to their cars during school days. But I do understand they want students to stay in school and help lower the rates of cutting class.
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