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My son loves it there. He doesn't do well with regular academics and having a trade school that works with the high school is wonderful. It really shows the kids a real trade that can help the ones who would t go to regular college. Great teachers and very well organized.
I love going to the tech, it’s the highlight of my day. There are many shops and all the teachers and instructors are respectful and caring.
The only problem with the CTC is that there is no or little communication between it and the High School. The shops offer a lot of different oppprtuinities.
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I love that you get a lot of hands-on and its not all book work. The tech is very laud back but also strict on what we can and cannot do because we must stay safe.
I chose to go here to become a CNA. When i graduate and take my CNA test I can start working in the medical field while attending Pennstate Fayette Eberly Campus for my BSN.
Of course there are going to be different opinions on this topic. However our cafeteria is also our Gym. Our School is small so they decided to have a two in one type of thing. After Each lunch session each table is wiped down and sanitized.
At my school consequences are taken very seriously considering we are a technical school and have a Program of Study that we attend which is what we take to get certified in the career we are trying to pursue. Student should be respectful and act very professional as if they were working in the real workforce. If equipment is misused you will lose trust in your instructor and will have to gain that back. If there are other problems such as bullying and cheating. The teachers take notice immediately and you will receive a 0% for the test or if your bullying or have a problem with a bully the office will be notified immediately and you will be given a couple choices for your punishment.
Our school has a very good Physical Education class as well as health class. We work together as a team when it comes to competition. Our school is very competitive when it comes to kickball, baseball and volleyball. The Gym teacher really connects with our students and encourages them to participate.
The teachers at this school are very reccomendable. They really listen to what each student says and helps them to the best of their ability. If your having a problem with your grades the teacher will work something out for you to bring it up or even offer to come and attend another class to makeup work or gets points for listening.
Our school offers several clubs and ogranizations. I am apart of HOSA, NTHS, and SKills USA
Our school has many different options available for gym. Students that are not able to participate, still have the ability to play ping pong. Also, we have a fitness room available with a lot of different equipment like, treadmills, weight lifting, stair climbers, and also exercise bikes. Our fitness program is enjoyable for everyone involved.
Our school cafeteria always has at least two different options available for lunch and breakfast. We have alot of the same foods throughout the month. If a student cannot afford a school lunch, they have the option of taking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Our school shares the cafeteria as a gymnasium and also an auditorium. I still enjoy the food services at my school, even without the abundance of options available.
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