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Great small community, very supportive! I am the ASB president and I couldn't ask for a better school to support me through my many decisions.
I loved going here. They will help students when they are falling behind. When I was trying to find out what to do in life, Connell helped by having the musical program in high school and I fell in love with perfoming .
Connell high school is a good size school, they school it's easy to make friends due to the school is not very big. The FFA program is awesome the teachers are cool.
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Connell high is a good environment for students . They manage to help you on anything you need . The councilors are always there whenever you need them . All of the staff if really respectful.
My High school experience has been great so far, but whenever I have a problem with my classes. I know the faculty will be happy to help me. There's many things I regret about high school but I know that my Connell high experience is something great.
I enjoyed the positive, encouraging environment at the school and the opportunities and clubs that were offered. Because my town is very small and activities are limited, I quickly become more involved with my classmates, school events and my community. Most of the staff at the school are very invested in furthering the academic success of the students. However unlike bigger urban schools, my school lacks diversity awareness.
It does have a lot of extra curricular activities, sports, and clubs to join. It seems like a naturally good, small town school.
The school quickly accepts you and there are many ways to get caught up with school work if you are behind or getting bad grades. You also get rewarded for doing good things.
What I liked about Connell high was that the teachers and staff never let me give up they new I could do better and push me to do the best I can be. Some teachers are carring some are not I wish they care more for the Latino community because half of the school is Latino I wish that they could see in them what they saw in me give them an aportunity to show what they can do be patient with them I know some teachers care for all the students and some don't and that is just not right but than again is like any other school no one is perfect.
The school is small, which I liked and felt comfortable about. However, I would change some of the teaching methods we are taught. Some teachers do not seem to care, but some really do.
My experience in Connell High School was amazing! I got alot of support from the school board members and from the staff. It was a school with a great routine and a great learning environment. Couldn't have asked for more since what I recieved in Connell High school was more than just an education but how to prepare myself for the outside world.
It was a great school to go to. I loved the teachers and the other faculty. They were all nice and treated me well.
I liked how close everyone is and how everyone knows your business. Even if you don't know who they are.
Connell is very small but small also means safe, I had enjoyed my time there because I met most of my close friends. The things that I didn’t like to be honest, was how they treated the football team like if they are kings.
What I like about Connell is that they make you feel like you are at home, they make you feel apart of everything
This must be the worst school in Washington. Teachers turn a blind eye when a student is being bullied, but step in if it gets physical and punish both the bully and the victim as part of their "zero tolerance rule". The school is mostly run by the most important Mormon families in town, and any type of contest or pageant winner is almost guaranteed to be from one of those families. Do not bring your kids here unless you are a rich white Mormon, for although Mexicans make up about half the school, they are second class citizens. The classes are usually heavily segrigated. Some entirely white, others entirely Mexican. If your child has a disability, do not expect them to be given the help they need. Autistic children are not given private tutors, deaf children are not taught sign language. The principal funds retreats and trips for the football team, but will not spare a dime for the arts and crafts students. I could go on, but it won't fit in just 1 review.
I started going to Connell High School in 2004. I was new to the area do to the fact that my mom got a teaching job. I found Connell to be very welcoming and heart welcoming.
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Connell high school was pretty good with college in the classroom classes. it gave the students an opportunity to earn college credits while in high school and gave them a head start in college.
Connell High school is good with college in the classroom credits. It prepares for when going to college to get started with the credits and gets you started faster on your intended major.
Connell high school is a great school. The teachers really care about you and your education. There is a large variety of classes so you can learn about what interests you. Everyone is friendly. It is just a really great school
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