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Connections Public Charter School Reviews

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I like that it was a small school and there were accommodations made for students who needed them. The teachers knew who each student was, making it easy to show each student the support that they need.
Because it was a small school, there were a lot of favoritism and unfair for some students. Some students would get disciplined for something forbidden while another student who was a "teacher's pet" would not get disciplined but just a warning.
The teacher there are all very good, but the academic aren't great. There are not clubs or sports, but classes are very good thanks to teachers and helpful administration.
I like how we are all a family and so small and so close together. I also like how it has a perfect view of the ocran. I love the food.I also love how the kids can take college classes.
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This school was unique because all of the students were close and it was more of a family type setting; due to, the small class size.
It's a great school, but you have to be self motivated if you want the best out of it.
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