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Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy Reviews

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The Connecticut I.B. Academy is a small school with a small student body (around 52 students in each grade). This environment allows many opportunities for in depth learning, but on very few subjects. Many students may complain about the course options; however these students fail to realize that they can request to take classes at the neighboring East Hartford High school or through programs such as Grad point or...the name escapes me but its specifically for I.B.D.P. classes. Also, they can complain about us not having our own teams or band, but considering that your practice would run an hour later and you'd have as much work, I think it's actually a good thing. In any case; the work is challenging but manageable with reasonable effort and I don't regret choosing this school. I'm currently a Sophomore and chose to take Anatomy as an extra course.
CIBA is not an easy school. As a magnet school, students are often coming from other towns, into a new environment. With only 50 students per grade, coming from various walks of life, to an entirely new educational program, there are definitely plenty of hurdles to jump. However, the IB program is certainly something worth working through, and students still get the opportunity to enjoy high school.
I loved the diversity of the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy and the rigorous curriculum that prepares your for future life endevours.
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Loved it there and it has a good sense of community. Meet lots of different people with many different background. Overall the teachers were really nice and very willing to help. Very small class size but it only allowed teachers to get to know their students better.
This school prepared me well for college and the teachers are kind and helpful. The workload is challenging and the material complex but the struggle brings you closer to your classmates. It was a great 4 years.
I liked the college readiness Connecticut Ib Academy really does help prepare students for college with the work load and the work is challenging so you really have to try.
The three years that I have been at CIBA were actually kind of good, although I did have some ups and downs the teachers and other staff members are always there to help you succeed in every way possible. The students are nice and since it is a very small school everyone knows each other and it is more easier to make friends.
I have learned a lot in Connecticut IB Academy. Teachers, friend, they are very kind and nice and always help me when get problem or trouble. I have been studying in CIBA for 4 months now, so I love the school and my friend and the teachers in CIBA.
Teaches you aspect of what hardwork really is! 100% if not more college and career ready. teacher are hardcore because they care! IB system still a little confusing. could offer more variety of courses.
It is a very small school with even smaller classes. It’s definitely not for everyone but I really do enjoy it. You become very close with you’re class and your teachers. There aren’t many clubs but our school is joined via bridge to east Hartford high. The two schools are separate academic wise however we share the same sports teams. It’s a small school with a great academic curriculum but if you choose, you can partake in the environment of a larger school which I like very much.
This is a terrific school with a rigorous curriculum. Students strive as a result of the close relationships they form with the faculty and staff. The IB diploma programme is offered at the school which prepares students for college and life after high school.
I liked how the teachers prepared us for college and always challenged us in the learning process. I also liked how we can earn college credits based on the IB exam in senior year.
What I like about the Connecticut IB Academy is that it is very diverse so there are a lot of different types of people from different backgrounds from different towns within Connecticut that come together to learn. I also like that the school is very challenging.
It is a rigorous program, however it is very helpful in building a work ethic and preparing for college. The IB program is not common in the US, so it is a unique opportunity. Very helpful for college readiness and looks good when applying. Top school in CT.
It has nice environment and very friendly people. The class has a good size which will benefit for all student’s developmenal learning. Next, the services at this school are good. They are active and showing how much care toward all students.
IB academy is a great place to make friends, but be careful, seeing the same people over and over again for four years may make some people very irritating.
Very different from traditional high schools due to curriculum. It is a respected teaching that it recognized all around the world. However, certain credits are not permitted at colleges resulting in you retaking classes.
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This school definitely pushes one to their limits. My learning experience at the school has mostly been good, where I have taken away greatly from my education expansion.
CIBA is a great school that is very academically challenging. The small school allows teachers to get to personally know all of the students. Many students form good friendships and good relationships with the staff. There is a very large workload to prep all students for college. Overall CIBA is a great high school to attend.
Great education that prepares you for future education. Challenging and very diverse environment. Teachers want to see you succeed.
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