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I liked all of the teachers and it was a nice school but I would do more to keep it clean and some of the people be more kind to each other
Some of the teachers care, but a good majority just want you to get out and graduate so they do not have to deal with you anymore.
Conneaut high school is one of the worst schools in the whole state of Ohio. They treat you terribly, and do not care about your well-being. They only care about the students that are doing well. If you fall behind they just let you dig a deeper hole for yourself. I would recommend taking your child elsewhere or doing homeschooling. It’s july and they still haven’t sent my transcripts to my college. They don’t involve your parents whatsoever for any discipline either they never gave my parents a call back after I was punished and she wanted to know what was going on. Conneaut high school sucks.
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I enjoyed the close knit community the school offered. It was a safe place and every one knew one another. Teachers were always very willing to help students however, resources were lacked in providing more challenging courses to fit everyone's needs. This did not allow students to be as prepared as possible for college.
Nice school, class sizes are smaller and the staff is great. Not a ton of diversity but people are friendly.
The education is decent but the school is in debt and can not even afford to keep the library open. Also they are super strict and unfair in some situations. The marching band is great.
As a Freshman in college I realize Conneaut High School does not prepare their students for life after high school. They are too concerned with discipline such as taking away cell phones, minor dress code violations, absences and tardiness and such much more that is irrelevant to a student's education. The teachers are more worried about their own drama and drama within the student body rather than helping their class understand what is supposed to be taught. The school lacks spirit and student involvement due to stupid rules such as not being able to sing "Goodbye" to the visiting team as a joke like every high school does. Overall Conneaut High School sucks.
Excellent. We were always in the top percentage for academics. All teachers gave us the necessary knowledge needed for life after High School. I still thank my Chemistry teacher to this day - because of her I knew how to do the majority of problems when I got to college Physics. The workload they gave us was appropriate. Even with my part time job after school I was able to complete my assignments and not stress too much.
Conneaut High School was accepting of all races or sexual orientation. There was actually a wide variety of sexually oriented students. All staff and administration was accepting of students no matter what their race/sexual orientation. If there was ever a problem with a student getting looked down upon by a peer, there was always someone to step up and stick up for that person. Of course there were cliques but the majority were kept under control. Most students got along and got involved.
There was/is a wide variety of clubs and organizations in this school. The staff and administration made it a point to encourage all students to get involved. Whether it was sports, year book club, national honor society, academic team, youth leadership, the staff wanted us to participate. Most students were very dedicated to their club of choice. For example, all of the sports teams were very competitive. We as students all listened to our coaches and took the time and effort to better ourselves. We were a successful school and even won a lot of our games/matches. I was involved in marching band after school. It completely changed my life. I made friends and learned how to play an instrument that I can take with me for the rest of my life. We got to participate in our community parades, perform at football games, and attend numerous competitions.
My overall experience at Conneaut High School was so fantastic that four years after graduating, here I am still missing it! What makes this school unique is that it had a very small population. It made the students closer as a whole. The majority of the students at the High School had grown up together since Kindergarten. CHS offered many after school activities such as band, choir, volleyball, golf, academic teams, etc. and many students were involved. I myself was involved in the National Honor Society. I always believe that is the name of it because it is truly an honor to be part of. We were all intelligent students coming together to make the school and community a better place. Our academics were great so we were rewarded with trips to New York City and New Orleans to experience other places outside of our small town. I would choose this school if I had to do it all over because of what it made me today. I also plan to stay in this town so my kids can attend this High School.
The teachers at Conneaut High School make it a point to get to know each and every student. All of the teachers I had knew their program of study very well and proved so during their lectures. Their lesson plans were created to teach students with little or no knowledge. Each teacher made sure the students knew their grading style so when it came time for mid-term grades we knew what we had to do to get the grade we deserve. All teachers had excellent reviews before tests and gave study guides to make sure we were really taking in the criteria. The majority of my teachers made learning enjoyable rather than boring by relating the lesson into our daily lifestyles. Many times we played review games to make it fun as well.
Okay, let me start this by saying that the upper 10% of my grade are what people consider preppy, the middle 5% are the nerds and then everyone else is considered "dirtbags" as I heard multiple people describe it to me when I had first transferred there. I'm in the nerd category, but I still know what it is like to be treated like scum, thanks to the preps.

Students don't care. About themselves, others or the community. There are maybe 25 people in my entire grade that sort of care and everyone else really doesn't, which is awful.The peer pressure is also awful. The number of people I know who have smoked a joint, broken curfew, had a drink, had sex, ect. is appalling for high school and it frustrates me because theyre throwing their lives away. Also, probably half of the school population identifies as something other than straight, but people still make gay jokes all the time which is god awful. There really isn't much ethnical diversity, most people are white. I can think of maybe 15 African americans in the whole school and 5 people of Indian descent.
The teachers and faculty are always willing to help you if you need assistance. The curriculum itself CAN be challenging, but only if you voluntarily sign yourself up for the advanced classes like I do. The scheduling process is quite easy, they give you a course guide and a deadline and you just fill out a sheet. The workload for the advanced classes that I take is difficult and time consuming, but not beyond the realm of proper expectations. As far as I know there are no afterschool tutoring programs, but students can do post secondary at the Kent State Ashtabula campus or attend A-tech technical career campus during their junior or senior years. Some popular classes include Art, Show Choir and Webpage Design.
Honestly, there are good and bad aspects to CHS. The teachers and staff are excellent and quite helpful, but most of the students don't put much effort into their schooling and behavior which is frustrating to those of us who actually care. This school is not unique by any stretch, it resembles all of the other schools I have attended in that it is a small town community school with a lot of drama and drug involvement. The only reason I would come back to this school is because of the staff members. The students are much too unpleasant to voluntarily deal with again.
I don't have all that much to say about the health and safety policies at CHS. I mean, they exist, but they do not have that much of an impact on day to day life. I mean, obviously if a teacher sees something that is bad, they'll target it, but most of the student body just does not care, which is pathetic.
I'm a member of the marching band, and for the most part I enjoy it. However, most of the people are in it just because their friends are in it, and there is a severe lack of actual musical skill and dedication. I feel as if some actions need to be taken to improve the overall quality of our band.

There are multiple options for extracurricular enrichment: band, choir, art club, NHS, environmental club.

Many people only join these clubs to jump on the bandwagon with their friends, so to speak. I would estimate that maybe only one out of every three people in these clubs actually care about why these clubs exist, and it frustrates me because they are there for the wrong reasons.
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I have found throughout my years in public school systems that most teachers have more respect and become more animated toward their students when the students apply themselves and show ambition and dedication towards their schooling. This is most definitely true for the teachers at CHS. I have several teachers that I believe respect me more because I work hard for what I get in school. That being said, I believe the quality and variety of teaching styles of the staff at CHS is actually fairly impressive. Conneaut itself has a bad reputation and a lot of stigmas that go along with it, but at the school, the teachers work to change that image with their passion and dedication to their careers and to their students. Granted, there are some teachers that I prefer over others, but there is not a single teacher that I dislike. All of my teachers are unique and well educated, and most of them have admirable organization and dedication to their jobs and students, and I am very grateful to have them willing to assist me in whatever I choose to pursue.
I love going to a small school with teachers who care about our futures and grades. I've lived in Conneaut my whole life and have grown to love this community. I take higher classes instead of the basic courses, but I don't like how we don't get any credit for the more work we do. We also don't offer as many classes here because of our teacher limit. We only have 3-4 teachers in each subject throughout the entire school. With as many teachers we have it's hard to get the extra help we need because they're either helping others or busy with their own work. I've learned to teach myself and have made it as far as I have with great grades.
Money was a big problem. Faculty was getting let go and all the money that went to the music programs somehow disappeared. The harder the class the more the teacher and students actually care.
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