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I like that it's a small school but the school overall is not so great as a high school, there are a lot of teachers who don't really pay attention to their students, there isn't much school spirit.
My experience at connally high was great wouldn’t want to change it. I have friends that I’ve known forever and see all the time. The school isn’t to big to get lost and to small to feel like your alone. I would change the our lunch we only have thirty minutes. If you leave to eat off campus you usually have to speed back or you’ll be late.
What I love about Connally is there are truly some educators that really want us to do our best. I know three of my teachers for sure want me to make it so bad in life is the reason they've been pushing me so hard for years. I feel like I am going to be prepared when I go into college because of my AVID program. The only thing that bothers me so much is that dress code is such a big deal.
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It is a nice school to attend. Teachers and administrators are friendly and encouraging. Everyone talks about going to college and learning how to make a living in the real world after high school.
As a former Cadet & current school administrator, I can say that Connally High School is a positive, family oriented environment that supports high academic achievement. Teachers & staff have gone above & beyond for my children district wide. When my husband & I moved back to Waco, we could have bought a house anywhere. We CHOSE Connally ISD and my children’s lives are better for it! Thank you & Go Cadets!💙💙💙💙
I would say that I have enjoyed my time at Connally immensely. I enjoy all of the teachers and the people that I meet at school. All of the staff members make school feel very fun for myself and make it so I will be able to have a productive and safe environment for me to work in. I would say that this school despite it not being very large or clean in how it looks, it provides enough to prepare you for the future ahead
I have been at Connally since I was in kindergarten so my experience at Connally is very well. I know nothing other than Connally. Being at Connally it has taught me many things that I admire and am grateful for. I will always love Connally.
I would say Connally High School has great opportunities for many students, however I just wished that they would have thought ahead about combining both hard high classes that assigned homework everyday and college classes that honestly needs study time on a course. If they would have thought about our schedules and help work around other classes, then maybe senior year wouldn't be so hard and stressful enough where we can't finish our work. Honestly, my experience has been amazing my first three years in high school, but coming into my senior year and seeing as how much homework, studying, applying, and working I have to do in order to keep up with tests and due dates is dreadful. People believe its "senioritis" and honestly I think it's just overwhelming stress because of the unorganized organizations that the school has. Overall, their intentions are generous and thoughtful to educate students even further than what some schools ever could.
What I liked about Connally High School is that they push you to do your best and help you with anything you are struggling with. Also the teachers and staff are willing to be there for you whenever it is needed. Anything that I would like to see change at Connally High School is nothing major I personally do not like our ID rule, having the IDs on all day of school.
It wasn't the best school, some teachers were okay and did enjoy their jobs because the students were terrible.
What I like about Connally high school is that the counselors provide you information that you need to know about college. Also they have this great program called AVID and the program helps you be prepared for college and how to be on your own. Connally is a good school but it is your choice how you choose behave in the school and also you need to be in clubs or sports to have a great time.
Connally High School is a good good overall. The teacher are very caring for the students and understanding towards them. They are great with a teacher-student relatonship. One thing Connally could do better is do more hands on projects
I am allowed to work towards getting my certificate at TSTC. I would like to see more be offered by the school academically, as well as in the athletic department too.
Overall, I can say that connally was able to help become more involved in academics and athletics. Both of which were able to help me advance in a more mental and physical being that still keeps growing. Even after going to La Vega for 1 year I was able to realise how much connally has taught me because of the dominance I held with my grades.
I like this school because the teachers are amazing and really cool. I have learned a lot at this school. The environment is so chill, and you'll like it here
I enjoy Being at Connally High school because they have a great sports program, a lot of school spirit, and they also get everyone ready to move on to the next level. I wouldn't change a thing about this school because hey have everything to help us get ready for the next level . This school makes you stay on top of your game always!
I have went to Connally since I was in Pre- K. The teachers are mostly great and show nothing but support. However, their are a few racists lying in the school system and I would love to see the students opinion on that taken into more consideration.
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There weren't enough teachers that really cared about or would connect with students. We got at least 3 new teachers every year, and they would often only last a year. There were administrators there to prepare us for college, but they didn't really do it. As an AP student, I got an edge that others didn't. Advanced classes were expected to succeed, so we had more hands on contact with administrators that regular classes would need.
I liked the diversity and college readiness. There were some teachers that could be more involved and more prepared for their classes.
I love Connally High School because they teachers get you ready for college at freshman year and keep going till you are a senior. Not only that I also love and like about the school is that they are have so many activities at this school. They are teachers from different classes that are getting ready for you to go to college as well. This school is ready for college and does not give up on as well.
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