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Being a student at Conifer High was a very interesting experience. My fellow peers were always busy with sports, academics, and clubs. The faculty was clearly dedicated to making sure each student felt safe and got the education they deserved. The teachers were clearly passionate about their subjects and wanted me to love it too, whether or not I did is a different matter. They were friendly and approachable, and they made my high school experience worth it.
Conifer Senior High School was an amazing school in the mountains of Colorado. There was access to many advanced placement courses, solid sports team, decent counselors, and a lovely location. Conifer is somewhat removed from typical school drama as we can hike around the school in our free time or hammock near the parking lots to enjoy the sunshine.
Very nice school. Accessible parking. Great sports. Wonderful library. Staff was very supportive and helpful. Teachers were great. I felt challenged but was successful also.
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The teachers care about the students and really make it personable. The classes are rigorous and there are many support programs available. Nevertheless, sometimes teachers are just not the best at teaching. They're great people.
Some teachers are good, some are not, it's a small mountain school so like no diversity, physics is difficult and there's only one teacher teaching it. Needs more computer programming classes and social studies teachers because US Government class is always super packed. Class options are decent?
My experience at Conifer HS was very good, the admin always helped out and made sure I was on my way to graduating. Given how small a school it is I came to know everyone and was able to find help in all of my classes because of it.
Conifer is a very friendly and welcoming environment. Most of the teachers are very supportive, helpful, and really cool. There are several sports to choose from and many opportunities and clubs for students.
I liked the small atmosphere and friendly nature of people. I would like to see accountability and integrity improve. I believe both teachers and students should be accountable for their actions, but ultimately make good choices and have good morals because it is the right thing to do.
More diversity of language classes. Perhaps, offer Chinese. Also, it would be great to see more diversity of students on campus.
Great Academics and offers a great selection of AP Courses. Also there are many resources available and teachers are very interpersonal which helps with learning.
I liked how the teachers helped to push you get things done, the coaches were very supportive to be able to talk to.
The counselors were great and so were several of the teachers. The music department was one of the best things about the school, and Mr. Ewer makes it easy to love being a part of music there and to learn a lot about music. What I didn't like(but what is probably a problem at public schools in general) was the huge emphasis placed on ACT/SAT scores and GPA and grades. Also, college was really pushed. But this takes away the whole purpose of learning for learning's sake, and made classes more robotic since the teachers were teaching more for tests than anything else. And it puts pressure on students who aren't sure if college is the right choice. However, it's a good school size and you get to know everyone pretty quickly. And most of the staff really cares about the students.
Conifer High School is an overall great school. Students are generally very involved and enjoy all of the extracurricular activities. The majority of students are involved in a club, sport, or another type of school oriented activity. The teachers and administration are very devoted to the improvement of their students and are willing to help them. Some things that could be improved are the quality of school lunches and the facilities, especially the bathrooms.
I overall had a good experience at Conifer. I really enjoyed the amount of honors and AP classes that you are able to take even as a freshman. It really allowed me to push myself and achieve as much as I could. However, there's a lack of diversity in the student body.
My experience at Conifer Senior High School has been extremely remarkable these past 4 years. You are constantly surrounded with a safe and at home environment and with students and staff that are so helpful and want to see each and everyone in the school succeed. The teachers at my school made sure they were teaching us helpful information that would help us and get us prepared for out future. One thing I would like to see change at Conifer High School is to have a wider variety of classes that are available for students to take.
It's a good school overall. The teachers are kinda and most care about their students. The atmosphere is wonderful and most students are kind to one another.
I liked how small the school was and everyone knows each other. I would have liked to have experienced more diversity during my time here.
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It's fairly average but for the most part it's really good. I really love some of the teachers but can't stand others. There are pretty good resources though, there's a "Learning Center" that usually has one teacher from each subject there to help kids and after school from Tuesday to Thursday there's a program for kids failing subjects that other kids can utilize too if they need extra help in a subject.
I enjoyed my overall experience because I am a high achieving student and push myself with the rigorous courses offered. I had a great time with the music program playing the violin and participating in the color guard with the marching band. I like that the arts and athletics are given recognition at Conifer. The atmosphere at Conifer High School is generally highly academic, with a multitude of AP courses offered. The rigorous courses have played to my strengths, but I know that AP courses are not for everyone. I would like to see more support and more classes available for those students that don't want to take the AP and honors courses for whatever reason.
Conifer high school has provided some of the best years of my life. i have thoroughly enjoyed studying at this wonderful high school. the only reason it is not at 5 stars is the lack of diversity at this school.
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