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I think Stoga creates an accepting, inclusive culture and fosters academic strength and college readiness.
I attended Conestoga and am a recent graduate. I think that Conestoga prepared me for college extremely well. I understand how to use different resources and transitioned into college life easier then others I met. I found that there are certain things, like our use of databases, that seems very simple, but can be complex. The teachers here are also absolutely amazing, particularly the art and the English departments.
Conestoga High School is very academically strong and offers a variety of interesting classes for students to choose from.
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It’s a really great school. Although, expectations are really high which causes a lot of stress. It has everything available for you that you could need to be successful but sometimes they don’t listen to their students which can be a bad thing at times.
I loved my time at Conestoga. The school itself is fantastic with great facilities and resources available. The students are all very supportive, as is the staff. I found myself becoming very close to my teachers through spending time with them during free periods, coming in for help and to talk about life in general. The rigor of the school is high, but being in college now, I feel like I was thoroughly prepared through the AP and Honors programs. The students are typically very high achieving and ambitious, and as long as you don't get too caught up in it, you will succeed. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Conestoga and was honestly very sad to leave when going off to college.
I loved the opportunities for school participation, the majority of the staff, my classmates, the classes and the choices of classes, and the environment. It was the best 4 years!
Overall a great school. Outstanding teachers and staff. Students are all competitive and everything except the top administration is amazing.
Before going to Conestoga High School, I attended a charter school in Philadelphia. Prior to transferring, I was an AP student making good marks. However, my school was filled with toxicity and students treated like prison inmates. Constantly dreading school due to this, the commute time, and the below par administration- I found it time to transfer out as my mental health was deteriorating, it had felt as though nobody at my school really cared about me except for my teachers. A month into transferring at Conestoga, I was in shock at how the teenagers were being treated like adults. The students were always well engaged and respectful to their teachers and administration, showing their gratitude to them as soon as they walked into the door of class. For once I had felt as I was in a learning environment which I knew people cared for me and my needs. I more freedom than I ever had in High school. Despite only being in there only for my senior year, I loved my experience.
It's a tough school. Everyone is talented, and Conestoga is elite in nearly everything it does, whether it be athletics, academics, etc. The staff are supportive and helpful, but the school's culture is challenging.
Conestoga High School is a good place for many people to learn. It’ll prepare for college, but that may put a lot of pressure on a high school student.
awful socially. not great. would not do again. avid discrimination for being queer/trans.
Wide variety of courses to take, well funded school, understanding and educated teachers. Only draw back is the school isn't very flexible or willing to help make school better for you. Parent involvement is necessary to get any guifance counselor to listen to you. However, overall it is a great school with many opportunities in the arts, music, and sports as well as academics.
I loved the level of academics and the teachers, but the academic atmosphere was extremely detrimental to the mental health of students. The attitude was that it was essential to get the best grades possible, even if it made you extremely stressed or depressed. It was for this reason that a number of students have diagnosed mental health problems that were so overwhelming.
Conestoga High School has amazing teachers who are willing to help when you need it. Also, one becomes very close to some teachers, which allows students to have someone to talk to when they need it. The students at Conestoga High School are also very nice and friendly.
After attending Conestoga Senior High School for three years I realized that the academics there are incredible. All students are challenged to do their best and reach for their dreams. The teachers are always supportive and help get students to where they want to be. If I had to change something about the school I would just push for more advocacy of equality and peer support. Sometimes there is a lack of support from peer to peer and that is essential to a healthy learning environment.
Conestoga's rigorous academics prepared me for heavy college course load. The student body and the teachers are the best parts of the school. The majority of the teachers I had put a lot of work into their courses and were very passionate about what they were teaching.
Sometimes everything is fine, but the scandals are a lot. Also everyone has their own group and balancing social life, activities, grades, and sports is the hardest thing to do at Conestoga. It's very stressful. Being in an Honors class is average and if you get a B, then you are put down by everyone.
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It's a very competitive school, it's easy to slip through the cracks, but if you put in the effort you'll go places.
Conestoga does an excellent job in preparing students for college. The resources are abundant and academic excellence is the focus in every classroom. However, with that comes some drawbacks. This is a challenging school, and your GPA might be lower than what it would be if you went to any other school.
Conestoga High School for me was an amazing opportunity because the teachers and staff are really dedicated to helping their students succeed. They were very supportive and understanding of the needs I had while also helping me learn to be independent. The school itself offers so many different resources such as a long list of elective classes for any profession. I had an amazing time at this school.
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