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Conestoga Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Most teachers are very nice, students can be nice, some are not very nice but there is an overall nice atmosphere. Staff there is also nice. It doesn't have as much to offer as most schools, but it still has some fun classes. I mean, based on going to Conestoga for most of my life, I've been the outcast but still, I've met people and grew more as a person.
Conestoga is a very welcoming environment. You can participate in as much as your heart desires. Teachers here are very involved and helpful with students. Being that it's a smaller school, it really does feel like the people their are a second family.
Conestoga is a school that inspires and prepares students for the future. The staff and faculty are very kind and have the students best interest in mind. Conestoga is a place where students feel safe and cared about.
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The staff, teachers and culture of this high school is terrible! A small minded atmosphere where teachers only help kids that are successful. Don’t go to this school if you are looking for role models for your children or wanting to prepare them for college!
I think that the school has an excellent program and a variety of classes and sports to choose from.
The memories and education I have received at this school have not only inspired me to do great in everything I do, but to also remember my roots.
There are a handful of teachers there who appear to know what they're doing, and some that don't. Sports teams are coached by teachers, and favoritism due to athletic achievement is very evident in relationships between teacher and student. The school is small, with an average of 50 teens per grade class.
A four day school week offers an extra day for sports activities or to complete homework assignments. Any student support is directed towards athletic teams or clubs, leaving participants of band, choir, drama, or speech shunned of support. Discipline is scarce, as many students mouth off and receive no punishment, interrupting class time.
The administration is blind to any sort of physical, verbal, or cyber harassment. Any situation that complies with what's listed is either dismissed completely, or not handled properly.
I have been a student at Conestoga Jr./Sr. High School since I was in 7th grade. I am now a senior, and I have enjoyed this school a lot.
Conestoga is a school surrounded by cornfields in a community that goes above and beyond! The support our school, staff and students receive is phenomenal! What we lack in available classes and sport talent is made up in our scholastic talents as we are on top of the list for our education performance! We have drive and passion for our school and our spirit never dies at cONEstoga!
I love the small school atmosphere and being able to be involved in almost every activity. You will never get lost, as there are only 4 hallways. The faculty and staff, for the most part, are top notch and will always be of aid to the students.
As a minority attending Conestoga Jr./Sr. High School, a smaller, rural school, I have always felt accepted and Included and I am involved in many activities, such as, Cheer, soccer, speech, One act, NHS, FBLA, and FCA. Attending school in a smaller community where generations of families have attended this school can make it hard to fit in and be a part of certain groups, it makes it very biased if you're not a known family name in the community, it can be biased. Overall, I have loved every moment at Conestoga and will have many fond memories when I graduate this May.
there is many classes from drama class to wood shop. The teachers are all super nice and they treat you with the up most respect
There are a lot of after school activities and things that kids can do to be more involved. All the clubs and sports take a lot of commitment
I would do it all over again to sing the national anthem and be around all the amazing staff that made it happen for me. i was so blessed to have such a great support system
The four-day school week is a big draw for many. The sports programs aren't the best but for the most part receive support they need. There are many opportunities for students to be involved in community activities, including arts, sports, and leadership roles. There isn't much diversity in the school. Since it is a small school, word spreads like wildfire and things get around quickly. The small community is very good about coming together for support during bad times though. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at the school and would likely go here again.
The food is the same as many high schools. There is not an option to go off campus for lunch, nor is food allowed to be brought in for a student by anyone other than family. Many students bring lunch from home as there are microwaves available for students to use. There is a salad bar, fruit is offered, healthy snacks can be purchased throughout the morning. I'm not sure there are other options made available for those with food allergies, other than bringing their own food.
Being a smaller school, student involvement is sports often overlaps with their other activities. Although there are students involved in every sport, they cannot commit as much time to it as students form a bigger school who are only focused on what sport or activity. Due to this, sports programs do not have the best records. Coaching has become more problematic recently; new coaches have been called for in many of the sports. Many students are also enrolled in a Weights class, and P.E. is required for one year.
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The guidance counselor is very helpful with any problems a student may face. Whether it's emotional, dealing with friends and family, or it's scheduling conflicts and college applications, assistance is always available. The school recently went one-on-one with iPads, and technology is becoming a bigger part of the curriculum. The school was also renovated over the same, giving it a more modern look. Tutoring is not highly promoted, so if it's needed students have to find it themselves.
Extracurriculars include sports teams, arts, and educational groups. There are fall, winter, and spring sports for boys and girls. The coaching staff has been seen as problematic in many sports for the past few years. However, many students still participate in all offered sports. The Arts Alive program includes band, choir, yearbook, speech, one act, and an Art Alliance program. Speech team is not funded by the school, but it has high involvement and is consistently a competitive team. There are also organizations such as National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, and Student Council. Many students are involved in more than one of these activities which sometimes causes problems as students cannot attend all meetings and group activities due to other commitments with extracurriculars.
The teachers are knowledgeable on their subjects and seem to enjoy their jobs. The deal with a variety of students who have different learning abilities and attempt to help all understand the lessons. Almost all are available outside of class for additional help and they encourage students to come to them with problems, whether it relates to work, peers, or family. Grading is generally consistent and students can ask about assignments and questions they have been counted off on.
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