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We enrolled our child into this school with some pretty lofty expectations on the level of education he would receive, and also that the teachers would be highly competent. Along the way, we have seen glimpses of greatness, however, there are several teachers that simply were not fit to teach, and especially at a smaller, private school. Our son had a rather strong musical inclination and the small school setting had no place for music in general/band activities. Also, there eis no prepared lunch option in this school, again, most likely due to its small size.
Conestoga Christian is a great school with great people and is perfect for those who want to go to a small school in a small town and get a quality Christian education.
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Was a good school that reassured my faith as a Christian. I really enjoyed my teachers there as they had a heart for what they were teaching.
My daughter is in 1st grade and has been attending CCS since Pre-K. The small class sizes allow teachers to give the students the one on one attention they sometimes need and tailor lessons and teaching tools to the students' individual learning style. The faculty is responsive, caring, and truly investing in teaching these kids HOW to think, not what to THINK. The basis in biblical teaching and the emphasis on the Lord is an amazing thing and my daughter (who has attention and focus issues) is thriving!
Awesome teachers, great people/learning environment at this school! A life changing experience for me & I'm sure it will be for you as well!
Conestoga Christian School (CCS) was a great foundation for me growing up, being that I went there since 1st grade. The teachers are great and are willing to help you and communicate with you, whether that be about the subject they teach or if you're struggling with life. It's a small school, so you know almost everyone in your level of education (high school, middle school, elementary). I personally like the smaller atmosphere where I know everyone and people know me.

One thing that I thing CCS struggles with is having a lot of clubs and organizations for the students to participate in (even though it has gotten better). So it's harder for the students to make a closer group of friends that share the same interest, but not impossible.
We have an impressive quality and diversity of extracurriculars for a small school, but there are still less because it is a small school. What we do have is of very high quality and builds strong community in the school.
Many of the teachers have been a staple for me at this school, especially Mrs. Horning. She is the Honors English and Bible teacher. Her brilliance and love for her students is priceless, encouraging the entire student body and faculty. What makes this school unique is its emphasis on loving, disinterested action. Also, the creativity and talent packed into this small school is remarkable.

I personally encountered trouble with social experiences at this school, but nothing near what I could have experienced at another. Most of this trouble I believe to be from my class' growing in their social skills as I grew in mine. Most of all, I believe that while I struggled with my class, many other people found their class to be a source of tremendous support, and as I have grown I have been able to interact with my class much more easily and with little strife. Most of the struggle was likely unintentionally caused.

Moreover, I found extremely loyal friends in other classes and later in my own class and the experiences I had gave me a better understanding of all people in general.
Overall, the teachers clearly care for the student body and invest time in them. There are tutoring sessions called "Wednesday Workout" that the students can go to every Wednesday. However, the teachers will often work with students outside of that time as well. Most teachers prefer a fairly structured classroom with discussion based activity. There are a good deal of group projects but also plenty of work on one's own. The whole school enjoys very creative projects which very occasionally obstructs the purpose of the project. Most of the time, it helps to motivate the students and allows the material to stick. Not only is there consistency in grading and clear expectations, but also teachers understand individual students' strengths and weaknesses and incorporate this knowledge in their grading. So while a student may not lose points on a misspelling, so grading is consistent, the teacher will correct them especially if they have a pattern of misspelling words. The teachers genuinely care about their students' well being.
I wish there were more extracurriculars and that the art program was as glorified as sports.
I enjoyed going here and wouldn't want to go to another school. Mr. Parris really cares about the success and lives of the students, and continues to improve Conestoga over the years.
Teachers give a variety of different assignments like group projects, papers, presentations, posters, competitions, etc.
My school offered many after school activities. I myself was in a Vocal Ensemble which is a select choir group. We practiced outside of school and also performed at many different places on the weekends. The most popular options would definitely be the sports. A good portion of our student body was involved in sports and sometimes more than one sport.
I feel like my school has prepared me pretty well. It gave me a solid base and foundational life skills. My teachers taught me the importance of a good work ethic. Having a good work ethic will effect my entire life. The only thing I would say that my school did not prepare me for is the diversity of people. I chose to go to a small christian school so there were not many people who had different views than I did.
I absolutely love my high school. I wish I could have stayed in high school for just one more year! A huge thing that makes my school unique is the environment. The majority of the people were so kind. I loved walking down the hallways and smile at people. The return of the smiles and conversations to follow always brightened up my day.
The teachers at my school were very kind but also knew what they were talking about. They were willing to help you if you needed it and respected us as students. The curriculum was well rounded and has prepared me well for college. The workload was never too overwhelming as long as you stayed on task and did not procrastinate.
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Athletics is a huge part of my school. A good portion of the high school would attend most sporting events. Our teams were competitive with those in our league. My volleyball team Junior year was one game away from states.
At my school we did not have a nurse. An on campus nurse definitely would have been nice to have! However the overall cleanliness of the school was very good and everything kept looking nice. The school conducted several security drill including lockdown drills, fire drills, severe weather drills and so forth.
The administration of my school was run very well. They implemented rules that I felt were necessary in order to keep a safe and healthy environment. Dress code was on the stricter side, but I did not have trouble following it. I believe that it helped to keep the students aware of how they are dressing and what their motives were behind their outfits of choice.
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