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Conemaugh Valley Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I love Conemaugh Valley so much because it is such a tightly woven school. Our parents are friends; the teachers know our families personally and students become very close as a result of the small size of the school. There are many opportunities with sports, clubs and activities. Though we are a small school we have proven ourselves mighty through our support for our community and each other. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to be a Conemaugh Valley blue jay, I would have not wanted it any other way.
I like that it is a small community school and everyone knows you. It's more like a family then a school. We have some of the best teachers in our area.
Most of the teachers were decent. Could be run better. Some of the decisions made by faculty were frankly quite stupid. If I could remember details, I'd share.
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The majority of teachers are helpful, and genuinely care about student success. With small class sizes, teachers are able to get to know students, improving student-teacher relationship.
Security could be better, and also the health programs could use improvement.
There is a good mix of extracurricular activities and participation is very strong.
Overall the school has had a positive impact on my life.
Most of the teachers care and would like you to succeed.
We live valley. Our child got a great education there but also had the opportunity to be very involved in school activities
we have a rent-a-cop. we don't need to have student ID's for anything. you have to get buzzed into the school if you dont come in when the students arrive at the school. its safe, but it could be better.
They are good. Yearbook is the most successful of them all. There are not as many of them as you think there are. Gaming club is fun and a lot of people attend. There is Remembering Adam, and anti-drug and anti-alcohol program,and most of the school is in that. Its okay for the size of the school.
Its a good school. They are not fair with the dress code because they pick some people out that do not follow it, not all of them. They have good sports but they could have more.The lunches are okay, and the classes are fine. I would choose it again if i could because i grew up there and i like the classes. Art is my favorite thing thus far.
Most of the teachers are very nice, hardworking, and caring. But some of them are hard to approach when you need help with things. Very few, but less than a handful,are not as well as a teacher and you don't really learn anything from them.
I don't have a negative experience at this school. I know some people who absolutely hate it and I know some people who would never wanna leave if they had the opportunity too. I'm content with the school, they never did me wrong so I have nothing bad to say about them
I think that the teachers doing a fairly well job of teaching at our school. There are teachers that don't care, and don't put the time they should in to helping their students, but on the other hand we have teachers who would do anything to help their students and who would bend over backwards for them.
They truly care about students. They welcome them back after graduation to see how they are doing
They do well for the resources that they have
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as with all other public schools, they followed the cirriculum to do well on pssa's. not real world
teachers care about students, its a close community.
many options. knowledge based or fun based, there are a great deal of options
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