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Conemaugh Township Area Middle/High School Reviews

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Conemaugh Township has showed me that I can succeed. The staff are always doing there absolute best to guide us through the process of becoming ready to head off to college or the work force. Our futures all individually matter. We are kept up to date on everything we need to do from fasfa to applying for scholarships and so on. They want to prepare us for our futures. It’s a great school!
CT was a fairly average experience. As a student who excelled academically, it offered me everything I needed. I often wished the student body was larger and more diverse (it's soooooo white and Christian). I really enjoyed participating the school musical- the teachers in the music and art departments were superstars.
The school is overall pretty well-balanced for a rural school, but it would be nice to see more resources in the school. Especially AP classes.
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visitors have to buzz in.
Some sports are given preferential treatment over others
Bullying policy is a joke. Kids are bullied all the time
Most of the teachers are easy to get along with as long as you are a respectful and hard working student who makes an effort.
It is a lot better than some other schools but it still could be a lot better. Schools need to teach students how to function in the real world and not how to just pass standardized tests to get the school more funding.
Each teacher has their own way of teaching and if you don't learn that way you need to adapt.
All of the teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. The school has a fun yet safe atmosphere. Since the school is in a small community, everyone knows everyone. There's a lot of school pride and spirit, sports are never more important than academics. This is a great school for anyone who doesn't like big city schools. It's a great community for kids to grow up in. If I could do it all over again I would come back to this school.
This school is a very up-beat school. They have a lot of different classes that you are able to take.
I don't like the dress code
I think that most of the teachers at this school are great
I feel the main extracurricular activities are sports teams, but there are many other clubs that you can join. I feel that there are plenty opportunities for people to get involved
There are many club and activities to do at this school. There are clubs like ski club, art club, S.A.D.D, French club, Spanish Club, Conservation club, Sun club, Rak club, and many more. Some of the sports in this school would be soccer, football, golf, volleyball, softball, baseball, rifle, and basketball.
This school helps many kids with disabilities and they find ways to make their experiences at high school great. Many teachers help kids in need even bullying. We have a care team which if a student or staff member sees something going on they can report it anonymously to the office and they will take care of it.
This school has many excellent things developing here such as supplying a new gym and athletic wear. Every sports' program has a high level of spirit and determination. Most of our teams have been relatively good with the exception of some loses. Many fans take their seats during football and other sporting events.
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The faculty and staff take great care of the students if they have a problem. I know all students feel very safe here.
Some classes are very difficult and challenging while other classes are known as a joke.
Most of teachers here care about their students and want to see them succeed. Others don't take part as much but you can tell that they still care about the students.
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