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Condor High School at Oxnard College Reviews

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I am a sophomore at Oxnard College and my experience so far, for the time I been there has been phenomenal. It is such a wonderful school because they have many resources to help from, especially if one needs help in class. At first, I was shy and I needed help in a math class. I wouldn't go because I was afraid to ask and one day I did. Once I went several times the STEM and I found the environment-friendly and the STEM center students are great and patient with every student. Wish everyone can go there. For those who need help or a place where u can study and do your homework. Overall thats what caught my attention from Oxnard College and it works for me. I wouldn't personally want anything to change because I see no wrong with the school itself. Great school would recommend to all.
I had a bit of trouble adjusting to an independent study course, however eventually I could manage my time with ease. The thing I like the most about Condor high school is the vast amounts of opportunities they offered regarding clubs, field trips, workshops for the future, etc. There’s nothing I would like to see change about my high school.
This high school is very helpful. The teachers and councilors helped me out with not only my school work, but in other outside activities; they all supported me. I am happy with everything I have accomplished within their program, and I was able to finish more than enough credits to graduate my junior year. The grading is not that tough, but just enough to get the work and information into my thick head.
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They make sure you're on track. Everyone is so friendly and so helpful.
They offer great opportunities even though it is an independent studies program. Have the best field trips throughout the year.
I am currently pursuing my Associates Degree and am having an excellent time. This school is so relaxing to attend and the teachers are amazing people.
The staff and professors do show an interest in the parts they do to make the school a fun and exciting learning environment.
Condor High School in Oxnard CA is a wonderful campus teachers and staff and even students are very helpful and very motivating it is a small home school program but definitely worth it it is also apart of the oxnard college which is even more great.
Honestly helped me a lot, all the teachers are amazing and you learn a lot more. I went from failing all my classes to passing them with A's and b's
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