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Concordia Lutheran High School Reviews

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I love that we are a smaller school so you know everyone in your grade by name. I don’t like how some student situations admin doesn’t like are handled.
Loved the school and believe that Concordia Lutheran High School is an excellent place to learn, socialize and go through the High School years.
I loved the close relationships I formed with my teachers. They are people I keep in contact with today. They are definitely what I remember most from those 4 formative years.
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I had an amazing experience at this high school, being completely surrounded by people that want to see me succeed. I received an amazing education that truly did prepare me for my future in a private college. My teachers took the time to help me one on one, and I know that no matter what, they wanted me to be doing my best work.
The majority of the teachers at Concordia are dedicated and selfless, especially those that teach advanced classes. I feel that they truly care about my academic education, college readiness, and personal growth. The administration works hard to improve our high school experience, and they communicate effectively most of the time. A few inconveniences at Concordia, however, include the outdated facility, inadequate lunch food, and certain classes and teachers that give busy work. Overall, Concordia is an excellent high school and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else in Fort Wayne.
I have had a wonderful experience at Concordia! I am heavily envolved in the fantastic fine arts program there, especially in both the marching and Symphonic Bands. Concordia has excellent teachers who will help their students be prepared for college and will take the time to give extra help to students who request it. The Christ-centered culture at CLHS is evident and my experiences at Concordia have helped me grow in my faith and knowledge, as well as to become a strong leader.
I like the sense of community. Everyone knows everyone. I also like the involvement and abundance of activities to participate in. The more you do, the better experience you have. The faith aspect was also a huge part of high school. High School is a time period where you need your faith the most, and for myself they really helped me learn and grow in it.
Concordia is a great school that doesn't do as well as it could with resource allocation or administrative hiring. It's fairly homogeneous due to its Lutheran parochial charter, but that means that the education system -- and the culture -- is pretty welcoming to all those who actually come.
I’m a senior at CLHS currently. I have never felt more prepared for continuing my education. The faculty here is amazing. Nearly all of them are very supportive and very encouraging. Almost all teachers are willing to help you before or after school or during lunch. The teachers are all very kind and incorporate Christian principles into our lesson plans and the way the teach. CLHS has prepared me very well for my future career. I have learned how to make a proper resume and many other much needed skills for getting a job. I am very greatful to attend one of the best schools in northeast Indiana.
Concordia brings a diverse atmosphere to those who learn and study here. The schools strives greatly for student envolvement, creating many activities and clubs throughout the year. There is no discrimination based on race, skill, body shape, and knowledge. The one thing Concordia fails to excels in is in its lunches. Lunches are sometimes wacky, while other times looks like little to no effort was put into the meal.
Concordia is a School that teaches the love of Christ. We strive to live life with Christ at the center of it all.
The teaching staff are excellent and the administration is generally attentive, though recent changes to leadership and funding cuts have been noticeable.
Concordia Lutheran High School is a private, Lutheran high school. Private schools can always grow in community, diversity, and open representation. I would like to see Concordia grow more in love towards their students and their community to reflect the religion they represent.
One of the main things I personally like about Concordia is that they care about you and your education. Another thing I like is that the teachers make to time provide us with help when we need it.
My daughter has had an awesome education at Concordia High School. She has grown in her faith and love of God greatly. I love the fact that she has so many friends who have the same beliefs and morals she has.
I am having a great experience at Concordia and I’m glad tobe apart of the excellence that is Concordia Lutheran High School.
I attended Concordia Lutheran High School starting in 2011 and graduating in 2015. Most of all the teachers are experienced and do their best to prepare students for college. I participated in the rowing team at Concordia, which was fairly new when I started. I made many friends both in class and in extra curriculars, like the rowing team and business club. Many of the friends I made their I still talk to today. I went into college with 12 credit hours thanks to the great teaching and preparation goe Advanced Placement tests. Concordia also helped guide students spiritually, with chapel every Wednesday and student led bible groups every Thursday. I miss high school more as the years go by and I have realized how well Concordia prepared me for college and life in general. I am glad I attended Concordia and would recommend any student to attend the school if their family has the financial resources to get them through.
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They were very close-minded in their teachings and made students feel as though their personal opinion was wrong, however they taught great life skills and I felt very prepared for college.
It was a very warm and open environment. The people are friendly and caring and the teachers want to help you and really do care about you. It definitely prepared me for life after high school.
My first three years at Concordia were fairly decent, good food, nice classes. But Concordia just implemented a brand new schedule that colleges use. It ultimately made the food worse, a lot worse. Teachers are still good it's just some shouldn't really have a job as a teacher at all because half the time the teacher gets his own problems wrong and then no one understands. The administration is doing a fairly good job controlling the schedule, and they school is very safe with many exits and drills if something were to happen.
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