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Concordia Academy is a great school for someone who is looking for a smaller size. This school prepares you for many aspects of college. Due to small size, stricter guidelines, and the religious affiliation you don’t fully get the regular “high school experience”.
Concordia Academy allowed to my child and our family to be involved in a variety of activities while learning and sharing faith and beliefs.
I love that Concordia Academy is a private school. With the Christian foundation, I am able to grow in my faith among people just like me, and I am able to easily get involved with the chapel that happens three times a week. I am able to apply my talents to my school and give glory to God.
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Concordia is a very welcoming Christian school and their classes are small. We have a Green Days and white days and each days have 4 classes out of the 8 classes. What I really wish to see of change is that they reduce the hours of each classes a bit because they’re 1 1/2 hours long.
I highly recommend this school. I loved my time here and it has great teachers, academics, and athletics. The facilities could be improved, but overall a good school. The community was the most beneficial. Everyone knows everyone and looks out for each other.
This school is about relationships. The whole school is Christ centered. The faculty are full of spunk and love what they are teaching. I grew into the man I am today because of Concordia Academy.
This school really helped me grow in many areas throughout my time there in high school. I grew spiritually, socially and intellectually and it really did help me prep for college with a lot of support from the teachers. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good God-centered environment with loving teachers, great staff and eclectic class options.
Concordia gave me a supportive environment through my high school years. The academics were rigorous and I had plenty of extracurricular activities to keep me busy.
Great little private school. It's small enough that the teachers can really get to know the students, but big enough to keep things interesting. We have seen recent success in the science department and in volleyball. A robotics team went to worlds a few years ago and another just last year. The volleyball team has gone to state many times over the years.
Played sports through co-op with them, and treated not like a student, but more like an outsider. Certain things were off limit, even though I would offer to pay for them.
Concordia Academy is a great school. It is a great environment to work in, and it has many teachers that truly care about you and want to see you succeed. The teachers are willing to give you extra help just to see you grow in your knowledge of their subject. The teachers love you, and the students are very friendly. It is a warm and welcoming atmosphere that works well for many different kinds of people. If I were to see one thing change, I would make Concordia Academy a little bit bigger. Because of its small size, there are fewer opportunities. The size is nice because you feel very welcomed, but if it were to be slightly larger, there would be more opportunities which I would appreciate.
I really love this school, because I speak English not well but when i go to this school and I speak English with everyone, I was so very scared because I think someone will laugh me because my english is so very bad but nothing happend. No one laughed me and they love me :)
And I am truly, truly blessed to know this school.
And beside that, I think we should change like we should add more activities, events like dance, or club ,...
I have gone to Concordia Academy since my freshman year. I am now a senior, and even though I cannot wait to get out of my parents' house, I still enjoy being at CA. It is a challenging college prep school and has really helped me deepen my faith in Jesus.
The health and safety was great! There was a nurse and a person always there to help if you felt sick. I was very impressed by the staff and the teachers there
There were a lot of sports I choose to be a part of. There was never a time I tried out for a sport and did not make it. The coaches were amazing and I loved being a part of the team
Everything is great about this school they are all very welcoming and inviting. the school is kept up and they care about everyone there. the experiences i had there, track, dance and more were life changing.
The teachers are amazing they really care about the students and about everything that they do and say. I am very thankful for the time I had there and it was a great experience
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The school is very safety, however, we don't see the school nurse very often
Although it is a pretty small school, our extracurricular opportunities is not limited. We have a really nice sport program and has made the second in the state in volleyball this pass season. Dance team has been in state three years in a row.
Concordia Academy cares about students' spiritual life with Christ and it also prepares students for college level academic very well. We have Family Life Group every other week, lead by the seniors and include every students from different classes divided into small groups. It not only develop students' leadership ability but also give every student a home to go, a place to trust, when they have struggles.
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