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Concord is a good average school with some aspects being great and others being not so great. Depending on what teachers you have makes how easily or difficult you learn the subject. The school climate is very diverse and has many students on all sides of the economic classes, intellectual abilities, and social skills.
Teachers are great and overall education. Sports are always excellent and plenty of programs offered. Student body seems to lack school spirit. School spirit is not really encouraged that much.
It seems only my AVID teachers care about my education. Nobody else. And the school isn't that big with way too many kids.
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As a school, it's overall better than previous schools I've attended. Not all teachers there are the best, but I've definitely had a few that I wouldn't mind having teach me again!
Most teachers are good at what they teach even if you don’t like the subject, but they do care about the students that go there even if they have graduated. I’ve gone there for four years and when ever I had a problem someone either from guidance or the administrators were there to help me. I would recommend anyone who is from the gifted program to go to Concord because of the highly accredited AP courses. The engineering department is what I believe to be one of the best in the nation due to the opportunities given to me through the program to get better at what I love.
It was okay there are some teachers who aren’t the best. Some teachers are great. Really depends. Music program is amazing.
It was amazing. I learned a ton of valuable life lessons that will carry over into different areas of my life throughout my adulthood.
Concord is a great school if you are driven and willing to create your own opportunities. While some opportunities may not exist initially, it will be very easy for you to create your own path and chart a course that is right for you. They also happen to have one of the best STEM programs in the state.
Teachers vary, but overall, they care about you individually. Homework is not too bad depending on your class courses. School lunch is awful though.
Concord's general atmosphere is nice and everyone is cool with each other for the most part. Some teachers aren't as understanding as they could be and tend to pile assignments on assignments, all of them due on the same day. They don't seem to get that we have more than just their class and other work to do. The academics never seem to fit with their level of difficulty. CP classes are as easy as you would expect but there are still students failing them; some honors classes are on the same workload level as an AP while an AP class could be on the level of a CP one in terms of teacher interaction. It feels like sports are highly regarded more so than education given the favoritism shown by certain teachers towards student-athletes. Outside of that, Concord isn't a bad school, it just needs a few tweaks and could become A1.
At concord high school, it's all about where you fit in. I feel that everyone has a place at this school, and no one sits alone at lunch. About half of the teachers put in effort to actually teach the students, but it all depends on their individual teacher you've had and what class you're taking. Thankfully, my ap teachers took their course seriously and tried their absolute best to prepare me for the exam. There are some teachers though, that have difficulty teaching the majority of students, and use the same teaching methods as when they began teaching.
The staff and teachers work very hard to make sure students reach their highest potential. The only problem I would have would be the limited class selections. There are many classes I wish our school had such as AP Psychology and Animal Science.
During my years at Concord High School, I enjoyed the enthusiasm that students had when it came to school spirit. Everyone always came to the football and basketball games. People would wear the theme day during spirit week and also the amount of friendships that comes along with the school. Something that can be better is there should be a second pep rally during the second half of the year.
The school is very fun. They, have a lot of sports and good teachers. Also, counselors help a lot with college application. Next, the classes are great with a variety to choice from.
Being heavily involved in my music department, I found refuge in high school. The strong music and arts programs at Concord have deeply benefited my high school career. I hope to one day see the general courses and teachers grow to be more of a close-knit, positive environment.
The surrounding area of the school is a very safe environment. Concord High School makes sure when you attend this school, you're not only a student but you are part of a family. Things about the school that could change is getting better staff, some teachers seem like they are there but not being as helpful to their students as they should be. After School Activities I am involved in like DECA, was such a great decision, being more involved at the school made the experience so much better for me! But another thing that could change is that they should let students be able to have more fun activities like pep rallies, like other schools in the state and district, so it gives the entire school a chance to be involved.
I mean apparently, we're a weird, innocent school because I don't see bullying...or even people hitting on each other a lot...we even focus pretty evenly on sports, music, and theater (however within those divisions some sections get screwed), the worst part are the egos that come with those.
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I liked how there was an educators rising club which helped students get a feel for an elementary school classroom. I also like how there were nice and welcoming teachers.
Concord is a very diverse community and while attending here you are part of a family. A family that looks out for each other and supports one another. It is a school that many of my family members have attended, since the 80s.
I liked Concord for the most part, it is a very open and inviting school. I never felt out casted even though I wasn't as social as some other kids. Everyone has a niche of people no one is really friendless. However some of the teachers behaviors, attitudes, and techniques are not beneficial to a learning environment.
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