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Concord is a nice small school, but it does not teach academics as well as other schools exspecialy in the areas of language and science.
I really like how because it's such a small school, the teachers and students have a really good relationship. They're very easy to talk to and relate to. Something I would change about the school is where all the money goes to. It seems as if all the money goes towards sports and the problems with the leaking ceilings are left in the dark.
Concord High-school doesn't have the best courses or resources for your success, but if you're hard working the teachers will support you the entire way, and show you many opportunities for your future. It's just up to you to make an effort. "Small School with Big Opportunities".
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The teachers are very invested in the students, and even though it's a small school, it offers students many unique opportunities that are not available elsewhere.
I've attended Concord my whole life. I think what I like most about is that the teachers know their students well and are almost always willing and able to help students one-on-one. The small school setting makes it easy to get to know your peers, teachers and administrators.
However, in my senior year, I feel a bit under-prepared for college. I don't feel I've been challenged much in high school, other than AP classes, and I'm sure college will be challenging. I think it would be helpful if the school offered more AP/advanced classes. I would also like to see more music-oriented classes or clubs, as there is currently only a marching/symphonic band program. I'm sure my school isn't the only one that has cut music and arts programs but I feel these programs are very important in our education.
There is a good feeling of community, the teachers are involved and care about the students. It is a small school. The altheltics are good, as well as the art program. The band and technology program continue to improve. The biggest downfall is small class selection that comes with a small school. However, more advanced programs and class choices should be available in the coming years. It's a good school to be at.
Concord is a small school, but that doesn't mean it has nothing to offer. In fact, it's size is one of its advantages. The teachers know the students personally and they truly care about each students' success. Though it doesn't have as many course options as larger schools, students can speak with the counselor to get into dual enrollment courses, online courses, independent studies. If there is a way to make it work, the staff will find it. On top of that, the school is working quite hard on finding new educational opportunities, such as month-long exchanges to other countries.
Every school is different and that's what makes every school unique. Concord High School is in the overall view a very good school. I really appreciate their engagement in school sports as well as their support for different activities. Every stuff member wants the students to succeed, but they also need to expect consequences if not. Being a part of sportsteam means often to have practice or events on weekends and who doesn't have a ride every single time is not allowed to play in the next game. This seems pretty strict, but in other categories like making deadlines for assessments in classes, the teachers should be stricter. The important part is still the balance and that is good. Together with all the little good things are these the aspects that make Concord High school great.
Teachers are the most important part of a school next to the students. If they don't know what they're doing, the futures from many children might be negatively influenced. The teachers in Concord High are reall good. Every teacher would make one or many appointments with a student, if needed. Tge teacher are really interested in getting their students to succeed. There are only a couple things that could be different, for example they want every student to understand what they need to know. The difficulty here is that some students understand faster than others and might get bored sometimes until the last one is satisfied, but this happens. That's why I think that the teachers are great.
Our school has had little to no problems with safety in the past years. Our teachers are prepared to handle different types of emergencies and they are definitely willing to put the students before themselves. With the exception of a few fights between students, there are really no events that even cause worry about student or faculty safety.
We have a variety of sports, which we do very well at. We also have more academic extra curricular activities, such as Quiz Bowl, Robotics, and NHS. Lots of our groups help the community, like the blood drives put on by SADD and NHS. Our administrators really encourage participation in a variety of areas, and are involved personally.
Most of the parents come to the different events the school hosts and are glad to be a part of the variety of things Concord Schools offers. They are very passionate about Concord in general, as well as their students.
The teacher at Concord are involved in the life of every student. They engage with each kid to really do everything they can to help students succeed. All of the teachers are personable and kind and have the students' best interests at heart. They also support the school and show their spirit right along side the students. The whole staff is devoted fully to their job and the to the students.
concord doesn't have a school nurse. concord takes bullying, and security seriously. I believe the school is safe but can always use improvement.
concord didn't have a lot of after school programs when I was in school.
Majority of the teachers at Concord High School go above and beyond to help the students. They make themselves available to the students when they need extra help, before and after school, some even give up their lunch time to meet with the students. Most of the teachers do a good job explaining information to the student in ways to make it easier to understand, by using technology and everyday life examples. Some of the teachers at Concord High School have bonded with the students, they are friendly and approachable. I recommend the Concord High School teachers. They won't disappoint you when it comes to your education. If you put forth effort to learn they will put forth effort to push you and strive to achieve more.
Since the school is small we have few threats and it is overall safe
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There aren't many extra curricular activities to choose from
Sometimes it is frustrating when you know everyone in the high school because you can't tell anybody anything that you want to stay a secret. Everyone is annoyed of one another and it is hard to find new friends.
The teachers at Concord High School definitely care about their students and about giving them a quality education.
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