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Concord is a fun diverse school that i love and enjoy to be at. All the staff is nice and it's a good environment
Concord High is one of those few schools where anyone can belong and the administrators actually care about you, not just your grades, but how you’re truly feeling. Although my school is just fine the way that it is, every school needs a change. My school needs more activities to get students connected to school more and gain more spirit! We need to join as a community and connect to one another.
Concord High School gave me the best high school experience and I'm very glad that I was able to be apart of it. The school has amazing teachers that care about their students and want them to succeed in all of their classes. The office staff and principles at Concord High care about the safety of the students and will do anything to ensure the campus is a safe environment for all students, seeing all the adults in campus makes me feel safe because they are adults I trust. Concord High has made me feel so welcomed and offers so many astonishing opportunities that were available for me. I've met new people, made new friends, and create numerous memories. I had supportive counselors that gave me information about colleges. I'm overjoyed that Concord High School has offered so much I wouldn't change how it operates for anything because of it many people will feel the same about it like I do.
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Concord High School is a good school. The faculty very obviously cares for students greatly. I have enjoyed my time at Concord High and hope they get more resources to make it better. Of course, there is always room for improvement.
I loved meeting new people the classes were okay. The teachers were a bit lazy and racist towards me and thought I was making things up. I didn't feel I ever got true support from the staff throughout my four years.
I had a wonderful high school experience at CHS! The staff was encouraging and I was prepared for college! I enjoyed being involved in student government as well as sports at CHS!
Our years (5 kids = 14 years) at CHS have been great. All my kids have gone to college. They all enjoyed their time at CHS. Teachers are great! Wish the district would put more effort in giving more to the kids. Get rid of the charter school.
The teachers at Concord High school know what they’re doing and the staff is very supportive. Although the school lacks diversity, it has a large variety of clubs and activities.
Concord high offers a great selection of AP and honors courses taught by passionate teachers. Students also have lots of extracurricular activities to choose from like band, choir, key club, football, cheer leading, baseball, softball, volleyball, cross country, track, and lots more!
It’s really cool, most of the teachers are so sweet and we have a thing called senior squares. It’s a tradition where they paint two squares in the quad with a theme for the year and all the seniors sign it.
Great school culture with great student involvement and support for sports teams. Average facilities
Very good and helpful teachers and wonderful classes and campus. I graduated there with good distinction and good honor. The counselors here were very helpful in helping with my education.
Concord High is a diverse culturally expecting school. We don't have many resources available and cramped classrooms but we have teachers who invest and care about their kids.
It's an amazing school with extraordinary teachers who are willing to do anything possible for the kids. The environment is phenomenal, Students accept each other equally!!
I love the teachers. They reall make a difference, but the curriculum is just way too easy. I do not feel prepared for college. The food also needs major upgrades. Nasty!
Concord High School seems to be a very good school to attend. There are many students that go there that are willing to put in the effort to learn. The teachers at the school will push you to your full potential in each class. The preforming arts program at the school is one of the best out of all the schools near by and I’m glad to be apart of it.
The past four years at CHS has been amazing! Many of the teachers here want to see you strive and be the best person you can be which is what pushes students to their full potential. However, that only applies to maybe 30% of students, which is not the best but not the worst. We've had many alum that have gone to prestige universities but while almost all of the students graduate, they tend to go to junior colleges.
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I would say it's an average high school experience. If you want to get the most out of it you'll have to take the AP classes otherwise you're stuck doing busy work.
Concord High overall is an amazing school. The administration there is pretty chill just like the teachers. The one thing one should do is join a club. They're definitely an experience.
As a parent, I have found a mixed bag of resources at CHS. Some are extremely supportive and go beyond their duties (athletic coaches, college/career counselor, some teachers). Others have been “okay”. My daughter has had an overall very good experiance; we need better qualified staff and more of them.
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