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I have been at this school since fourth grade. Everything has been great and teacher are always concerned about you. I’m taking almost all AP classes this year and the teachers are always caring to make sure that I understand the material and that I’m doing well. This place isn’t just a school but also a missions field. They are preparing the future generation of evangelists. I can’t wait to see how much farther my school and go in the future.
Within the North Carolina School system, it is hard to find the right school perfect for your needs. This was the issue my mother and I had when we were looking for a new place to school me. The public-school environment was not fitting for me anymore, and after 9 years, it was time for a change. Through connections and searching online, we found Concord First Assembly, the school I would later attend for the rest of my high school years. At first, I was skeptical, being I was the one going to the school and not my mother. Everyone was approachable and kind off first hand, it truly showed the Christian aspect that the school has. Staff and teachers actually cared for you and your life, and did not treat as just their job they have to do, but as their passion. Whether you are Christian or not, this environment will be refreshing for anyone who has been to other schools in their lifetime.
May daughter is now a senior and has been attending cfa since kindergarten. It is a great school with great teachers.
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I loved all my teachers and they took the time to provide me with extra help if i needed it however I do wish there was slightly less homework.
cfa Academy is a great place for any child to be educated. The teachers are loving and want only the best for all the students.
My experience at CFA was awesome!!! People were willing to help if needed, teachers were very helpful, and the lunch was good also.
I liked the atmosphere of the school. The teachers loved me and I never doubted it. Though no school is perfect, and sometimes I felt my time was being wasted, I now am grateful that they were lenient on me, and gave the students grace, and left an impact on them. If I could see a change in cfa, I'd like them to embrace the students' individuality and culture more. It would boost their confidence and promote creativity and expression.
This year was my son's first and final year of high school. Previous school closed its door and the school has welcomed my son with welcome arms.
The school is great for elementary, but getting into middle and high school is NOT what you pay for. There is a handbook, and the rules are fine on paper, but NOT enforced throughout the school. A handful of teachers do no know what they are doing and they care less if you do not understand what is going on in the classroom. Some teachers and faculty will actually care and be with you in times of need. The arts department is really good and they are very talented individuals.
I love first assembly. It is a great school with great role models teaching me and all the other students every day. The athletics that this school has to offer is amazing and brings so much school spirit. The student body has some of the best people you will ever get to meet. I have made some of my closest friends in these halls. All in all First Assembly is a great school with strong leaders and teachers.
Great school for academics and tons of extracurricular activities!! Administration is great and listens to concerns. Small class size is a plus.
My children started this school in K4 and I also worked in the cafeteria. This school is good for kids that are normal my children struggled in classes and the school doesn't care and won't offer help to kids who need it, they would rather fail them like there not important. They spent hours when they got home with homework until 9 pm and still did not have it done I worked in the cafeteria and witnessed my-self teachers making children jump in place for misbehaving and when the children started crying and screaming because they were tired the teachers would clap there hands in front of their face and say keep jumping it was terrible. My children are now in public school and absolutely love it and are making A's and my children that struggled are getting so much help. Don't wast your time and money it is DEFINITELY not worth it.
I transferred to First Assembly my sophomore year. Everyone was very welcoming and it was not hard for me to adjust. As far as the school it's self as a whole I loved every minute at this school.
I'm currently a senior at First Assembly. I have had a great experience here because it's a Christian environment and most of the staff truly cares and will help you be successful.
It is an amazing school. There are many great Christian teachers who can get involved in children lives. They love the Lord and teach from a Christian perspective. The arts are focused on a lot and are very good. Also the sports program is good.
School is somewhere children should feel safe. At First Assembly Christian School, I have felt protected. I have attended this school since I was in Kindergarten. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and sincere. They care about you and your well-being. The teachers care about your grades and all they want to do is help you succeed. The atmosphere is loving and fun. The administration is very helpful. They allow students to create community service projects within the school and community. The church works with the school in order to maintain a beautiful campus. The school has been remodeled and enhanced greatly. There are still many changes to happen, but overall First Assembly Christian School is an amazing and outstanding school.
most extracurricular activities involve sports
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Christian school with teachers who care make unique
have all gone above & beyond to help achieve goals
Not too many clubs too join, but if you were involved in drama you spend a lot of your time out of school at practices so that built relationships and was fun!
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