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My teachers were very invested in my success and always made themselves available to help me. I had a PhD for a chemistry teacher - all the teachers are qualified professionals. The music program was top notch. My experience in both the jazz and theatre departments changed my view of myself and my capabilities. I was fortunate to attend Concord and would choose it again and recommend it to my peers. The academics and the arts combined for a 5 star experience.
I went to Concord my whole life and it was a good enough school! Things turned a little crazy and the atmosphere was very different towards the end of my school years. The administration did not know what to do with us kids. The school was in chaos. The teachers are great! I am very happy with all the teachers I had! Sports were so much fun too!
I like that Concord is a school that is a good size, but it's not too large. They have just built an amazing weight room and are giving more focus to sports and building teams. Unfortunately, Concord High School does not have a lot of room to grow.
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As a student who has been going to Concord since the age of five, I can honestly say I would never want to go anywhere else! Concord community Schools is completely against bullying, as all schools are, but they act on it and now everyone stands up against all forms of it. The teachers are kind and good at their jobs, plus they really understand their kids and what their going through. We have a whole bunch of extra guidance counselors who really know how to communicate with kids, especially with the upperclassmen who have been here for a while already. And although the curriculum is strict, Concord is known to set academic goals a bit higher than average to help students reach their full potential. But don't be fooled; all of the teachers in every single school takes their time teaching the struggling student too who just can't understand that one math problem. Concord Community Schools is the best school for everyone who wants to succeed and graduate high school.
I had a great time at Concord High School! I got to meet amazing teacher and learn so many new things that will benefit me in the real world. I also made some amazing friends that I know won't ever forget the impact they made in my life. The sports teams here as well impacted me on wanting to participate in sports in college.
Teachers at Concord are the most amazing human beings on earth. They put up with a lot of pressure from students but still be able to perform well on what they are doing. The resources Concord have might not be the best but they still utilize what is been given and make best out of it.
I like that there are a lot of people of all ideas. I also like that we seem to get a lot of foreign exchange students, which helps us to learn about other cultures. We have a new weights facility, which is VERY nice. We are fairly average in terms of academics.
I like that Concord High School is very diverse student wise. They have really improved their security through the 4 years in which I was their, making me feel a lot safer and more prepared for a bad situation. I feel that administration makes a good effort in incorporating school pride.
My overall experience has been amazing. I walk into school every day knowing that my education is coming from teachers who genuinely care about me and my future. I enjoy every day that I am there. The school corporation never fails to keep me safe. I feel relieved knowing that I can go to school and not worry about my safety. Also, the school's new principal, Dr. Kendall, has done an amazing job with improving the school. She has done a great job at making the past few years of high school ones I will never forget!
I loved my high school experience. Concord High School allowed me to truly blossom as an individual as well prepare me for life.
all of the teachers were nice. the teachers are excellent teachers. The administration could be a little nicer. they were not always very friendly to the students. Athletics was a huge center point of the high school and was all they cared about. The food was ok but could have been much better. school is way to small for the amount of students in the school. the hallways were incredibly crowded. school is a bit run down and in need of some upgrades like new ceiling tiles. they charge to much for book fees. overall an ok school. would not recommend to others.
It’s a really good school with great teachers. The bad part of the school is that there’s no school spirit. Our student section for basketball is little to none.
I do like that they do try very hard to explain to us their materials. I do wish they would be more encouraging when it comes to homework.
I felt very welcomed when I started my freshman year at Concord. Before school even started I was shown my classes and even the whole school. I was worry a little but then I still felt a little confident. Throughout my 4 years I felt challenged and given many opportunities to do my best and improvise myself. I join a sport, I was a member of clubs that changed my views and improve me as a person. These experience also gave me important skills that will change me life. I loved Concord, and even though I was upset in some aspects of how the students reacted to certain situations, I think my 4 years in High school changed me forever into a better person.
Concord has caring teachers, but the rules treat us like children. If they want us to be ready for college, they need to loosen up and allow us to learn by giving us chances to prove our responsibility.
Concord High School is a diverse environment. The teachers are dedicated to providing learning opportunities in the classroom and teaching life lessons. At Concord there are many clubs, elective classes, and sports to be involved in. Students have opportunities to express themselves, be involved in their community, and live a healthy lifestyle. Teachers often stay late after school to help students revise essays, help with homework, or to offer advice as we move forward in life. The rules at Concord are put in place to keep us safe and to ensure that we are prepared for the working world. At sporting events, you will always see the administration there taking an interest and you can see teachers there to support their students. Amongst the sports teams, families of students help to run concessions or ticket booths. Overall Concord High School is a very positive learning environment where students can learn safely and feel free to be themselves.
I loved all four years as an athlete at Concord High School, it was an amazing experience that I’ll forever carry with me!
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I love our principal, Mr. Dettinger. I don't enjoy all of the tests we have to take that are "state mandated" but I do appreciate that our teachers feel the same. I have also really enjoyed most of my teachers and the personal level of interaction from them and from some of the administration.
The teachers are amazing and helpful, my only problum was my fellow students. Did not care for the way school rule was heading but im unsure if its balenced out. Does have an ID policy where you must have a certain chipped ID to be able to go to the nurse, bathroom, or home, meaning you have to be picked up if you forget your ID even once. Currently on trimesters but changing soon, easy to get more than your requied classes. Im graduating a year early with academic honors because of this system and the teachers. Do be warned however, while on this system transferring is hard on credits. The music programs are amazing and the teachers are even better. As a part of orchestra and choir I have grown in my music abilty and found a home in the high school. Most teachers will stay after to help students and are willing to help any way they can.
Great school, great teachers, everyone wants to help you succeed, Faculty is great and really help you get to where you need to be to pass and do what you want to do, they help you apply for colleges, give you ideas to go to, such as career center, and work based learning
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