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For the money, CCA is unsurpassed. The facility is well maintained, the teachers care, and the administration was (recently changed) excellent. The student body is diverse and, for the most part, supports one another. The sports and music programs are excellent for this size school. Academics are strong. The school is exceptional in the elementary and above average in the middle and high school. I am glad our children attended there.
This school has bullies, to small of hallways, no nurse, girls can't wear pants only skirts or jean skirts. During the sports season the ceiling was leaking and the didnt even fix it til next month.
I had to pull my kid out of the school in the middle of the school year.
I enjoyed the smaller class room size and the close contact students could have with teachers when they needed help understanding something that was taught in class and help on homework assignments.
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We have been at this school for 11 years. The opportunities that my children have been given to thrive and use their talents have been amazing. The administration continues to strive for improvement in the school.
Each of the teachers really cares about us students. They don't just give us an assignment and release us, they are there to help.
I love this school because we can go and be taught subjects from a Christian perspective.
Our administration does a great job overall, considering that our principle has to teach classes, be the athletic director, coach Middle School and JV sports, and on top of all that do all of the administrator stuff as well.
Mostly all get along well, everyone is liked by all.
I have been going to public school all of my life. It has taught me not to think about what I eat. The chicken nuggets may be chicken, but i get the vibe of cardboard.
You have to try to not learn at this school. There is a teacher for all styles, and they for the most part are very down to earth.
Its a great school for free, I couldn't see me elsewhere.
The admins are fair, although hall sweeps are bad.
There are few who don't play some sport.
Cliques form, but were all still one school
Up til now, there really hasn't been any problems.
The food is good, but sometimes, the prices are a little unreasonable. We even have to pay for a fork if we forget to bring one from home when we bring our own lunch.
We don't have the facilities that other schools have, but the school spirit is high, and our student-athletes have thrived in our respective leagues.
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