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The faculty and students here are all very friendly. There are so many extracurriculars to choose from, and a very engaging performing arts program. I have had an excellent four years here and feel very thankful I was able to attend such a good high school.
I love this school. My sister and I both are very happy here, even though we were told that it was a horrible place at private school. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. Even in honors classes, the workload is enough but not too much. The only complaint I have is that they now have freshman academy, which is going to limit our ability to take what we want in science later on in high school.
Concord-Carlisle is a great public school with a very capable staff. The administration, while lacking, is sufficient enough; the faculty are outstanding and could not receive higher praise. Athletics are well funded at CCHS, but the arts (especially performing arts, such as choir or theatre) are underfunded in comparison and require constant fundraising. The diversity at the school is very minimal and there have been racial incidents at the school concerning the mostly-white students. The ratio of students to faculty is pretty good, and the focus an individual student receives is outstanding. School spirit lacks in a majority of the students and it is only exhibited during the Thanksgiving pep rally. Parents hold more sway than teachers, which can create a slippery slope of parents dictating the school more so than the administration. Overall, Concord-Carlisle creates a community that encourages college education and readiness, although there is constant competition between peers.
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Not everyone has access to this type of school and education, so I consider myself immensely privileged to go here. There are always teachers that you don't love, but there are also plenty here that are incredible. We are lucky to have a wide variety of classes, electives, extracurriculars, and sports. The school was rebuilt a few years ago so the building and facilities are amazing. The special education department is great because it accommodates the specific needs of different kids by having a few programs geared towards different things. Most teachers will happily give extra help if you ask. The MARC for math help and the SSERC for social studies and English help are always available, too. The diversity isn't great because Concord and Carlisle are pretty rich and white. We do have a METCO program where kids from the Boston area go to CCHS, and that's pretty much our diversity. All in all, if you're looking for an excellent, free education, go to CCHS.
I have had a great experience overall at CC. Most teachers are excellent- incredibly well-educated and engaging. Sense of community is easy to find through clubs and sports teams. Music programs are pretty solid too.
Concord-Carlisle high school was a wonderful experience for me. Going to school at Concord was a long way from home. Going to school in Concord showed differences between the two places. The majority of Concord was more than wealthy and the Area I lived in wasn't. I got to see the balance between that. Also at Concord-Carlisle, I would have wonderful teachers that would go out of their way to help me. The teachers would show exceptional dedication to helping their students. The curriculum at Concord-Carlisle was also exceptional. All the teachers would have a certain way of teaching the class so everyone would get it. Concord-Carlisle also has a lot of clubs and sports to do. They even have their studio inside the school for students that would want to pursue music. But one thing that the school is very passionate about is sports. The majority of students would at least play one sport through High School. Overall the school of Concord-Carlisle is a very establish School.
Everyone at CCHS is so kind, and welcoming. They make it a point at the high school to be very inclusive. There are so many clubs and opportunities for every student to get involved and feel safe.
This school really prepared me for college. It is rigorous and the teachers expect a lot from the students. What I disliked was the competitiveness among the students and the atmosphere in general. Additionally, there were not a lot of options for elective classes.
I came to CC as a sophomore. Even though I was coming into the school later, I was still very welcomed by those around me. I have loved every bit of my time at CC. The teachers aren't just your regular washed up teachers. These teachers are very proficient in their field. Not only do they take time to know you and help you succeed, but also help you outside the classroom. CC is one of the best public schools in the state, and maybe, in the country! And for good reason!
Good teachers and prepares you well for college, but a very stressful environment -- social structure is based on academic ability. Wide range of extracurriculars was a huge advantage
I would like to see more business programs in our school as it hurts those who are interested in business/finance (like myself) and less time spent on sports and more on community service.
I am now a senior at Concord Carlisle high school. I struggled a lot freshman year with trying to fit in because it is very clicky, but once you find some people who you like, it's great. The academics are very hard, but the school has a lot of resources like the MARC (for math) and the CIRC (for English) to help you when you are struggling. I definitely feel prepared for college after attending this school.
I love most people at Concord Carlisle High School. They are very welcoming and friendly. Concord Carlisle has a large option of extracurricular activities to choose from as well. There is something for everyone at Concord Carlisle and you can even start your own club. The only thing I would say is that the administration goes to the parents a lot for school issues but does not look for feedback within the student body. This causes decisions to be made that students don't always agree with.
Overall, the school provided a lot of good resources for the students and emphasized the importance of education. They tried to decrease stress levels in students overall and took steps towards change.
I graduated from CCHS in 2018 and I cannot even begin to describe how much my quality of life improved after I left. I didn’t know any students at CC that weren’t depressed and anxious; quite frankly it’s an epidemic. The academic and social pressure is crushing, and doesn’t help prep for college. The teachers are lovely, though.
freindly. excellent admin. great sports. peiple are generaly happy. prepares well for college . teachers are really go. can usesome more AP options. not ranking
I am a 2018 graduate of CCHS and after completing one year of college I have realized how toxic CC was for me. People focus so so much on academics and doing 100 extracurriculars so they will get into ivy league schools. People are extremely stressed to the extent that mental illness is very common. Almost every one of my friends either had depression or anxiety and I believe the school environment contributed to that. The classes are challenging which is good but college is much easier than any class I took at CCHS. There is so much emphasis on taking AP classes to the point that students will only take them just to compete with other students. Overall, CCHS has wonderful academics but the school has a toxic culture. Either you are a student who cares a lot about your work or you skip classes and barely graduate.
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My 2 children are attending CCHS and love it. The academics are top rate and there are plenty of resources to help them if they struggle. There is also a large selection of excellent sport and club options. I’m addition the school culture is very inclusive and friendly.
Very good school for college prep, but there is a very competitive culture. There is also a culture of eliteness, and there is very little diversity. The teachers are very passionate and create a mostly positive learning environment. The administration is also very focused on reducing stress.
Amazing School Top of the Line Teachers are highly educated and very friendly. The school is 100% students first and want to see you do well. The sports teams are very good.
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