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My daughter thrived at CA. The advising system is second to none (one on one meeting once a week) and the relationships she forged with faculty were profound. She had many options and opportunities in both academics and extra curricular pursuits. Now a freshman at Middlebury, she is well prepared for her classes and is doing well academically. Most importantly, she has grown into a responsible, compassionate young woman, and much is owed and attributed to CA for that. It’s a very special place.
Concord Academy is the most diverse, accepting, and endlessly kind school I’ve ever been to. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, warm, and loving people here. The teachers and house parents all strive to help their students in every way they can. The faculty and the students truly care for and support each other. While the athletics are often viewed as subpar, that’s a very skewed perspective of CA. In reality, our athletes pour effort into practice. The academic and social life is manageable, with a perfect amount of challenge. I feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to attend CA, and I’m already so excited for the next four years.
I have yet to meet a bad teacher or staff, and all the kids here are all extremely inclusive and nice. The facilities are great, the new renovations look amazing, and they have a wide range of food, trips, and other fun extras. Plus, this is the most convenient school around, and I absolutely adore Concord downtown, which is on extended campus. It’s very easily accessible, and has a wide variety of shops. I love it here!
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Fantastic high school experience - dedicated teachers and a real intellectual powerhouse! Their commitment to fostering a love of learning and building a community based in "Common Trust" really rings true throughout the whole student body. I highly recommend and am lucky I was able to attend.
The only reason I never transferred was cause my financial aid was bomb and I made amazing friends here.
While no school is perfect, CA came pretty close. I entered as a sophomore and was afraid that I would have a difficult time socially. While it wasn't the easiest transition, most people at CA (students and faculty) are incredibly warm and welcoming. I totally believe that the academics prepared me well for college (I actually find college easier than CA) and prepared me for lifelong success. My biggest and only complaint about CA is the administration. I had a couple of issues that got ignored completely, despite reaching out to multiple members of the administration multiple times. Faculty seem to genuinely care for their students and want them to succeed. Athletics are not taken overly serious, which I liked, as they were more fun than anything else. Overall, I would go back in a heartbeat and would definitely send my children here some day.
I would not be the person I am today if not for Concord Academy. The community is so supportive. The faculty genuinely want us to succeed and I have wonderful friends that have my back. The academics are challenging and engaging. I am apart of extracurricular activities that I am super passionate about and couldn't do anywhere else. I've been able to pursue and develop my passions.
Best choice we made by sending my daughter to concord. we moved from Singapore and she joined as sophomore . I did not know a single person going in and had problems quickly making great friends and adjusting to the school. All the teachers have been great and very helpful . Overall a great setting for happy, hard-working students!
I really loved my time at Concord! The teachers were all very nice, caring, and welcoming, and I look back on it as one of the best times of my life. I also feel like the education I got really prepared me for college.
Chapels given by seniors create a closer bond among community members. The small size and boarding aspect of the school allows for close relationships with teachers- so close we call them by their first names!
My son has been attending the past few years and has had an incredibly eye opening education. CA is a serious academic school while also maintaining a healthy respect and regard for all the arts. Students come in as freshmen and are able to discover who they are with the support and encouragement of a dedicated faculty. Progressive education, common trust, social justice, excellent relations between boarders and day students, gorgeous location, arts infused curriculum and outstanding leadership are only some of the things I can say about CA.
Despite inevitable bumps in the road, my experience at Concord was everything I could have wanted from a private high school. I definitely had frustrations with the administration, but I think that the community support, the dedication of the teachers and the community's overall creativity make this an incredible place. I was pushed academically, artistically and emotionally. My teachers invested themselves completely in my learning and took the time to know me as both a student and person.

I loved the opportunity to design an independent study senior year. One day, while we were discussing some of my poems, my teacher looked me straight in the eye and said: "I'm editing these as a colleague, not as a teacher." That, for me, was a quintessential CA moment and it's how I'll always remember the school.
Concord Academy is a great a school for arts and rigorous academics. This is however, not an athletic school whatsoever. If you want to have fun with sports and Try something's new, then you're set. This is also a very predominantly white school. The culture is very liberal and free but, diversity is a problem.
CA is an amazing and unique school. It is the perfect environment for learning and growth. Academically, it offers interesting and challenging courses, and the teachers are all top notch. It is a socially inclusive environment and CA does a fantastic job of balancing academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities.
Concord Academy was the perfect place for me to come out of my shell in high school. I feel that the connections I've made with faculty and other students will last a lifetime. I've grown as a thinker, singer, athlete, and person and I feel more than ready for college.
The academics at CA are in theory, remarkable, however, it's the execution of the curiculum that makes the whole thing ineffective. This is a school for textbook learners, because that's really what the CA learning environment boils down to. It's reading a textbook for homework, taking notes, and then having a lecture about it in class the next day. It seems more productive than it is, because with this method, tons of students who either simply don't learn this way, or have learning disabilities fall through the cracks. The teachers really do care about what they're doing, so that makes the old-school method with which they present material even more frustrating.

Furthermore, this school is remarkably white, straight, and wealthy. It is a breeding ground for mental illness and self hatred and yet is ill equiped to handle those issues when they arise.
Concord Academy is an incredible place to spend your high school years. The faculty is very engaged- whether in the classroom, in your dorm, in the dining hall, or on sports fields. Boarding life is a tight-knit home. The arts are fantastic.
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I found CA to be a great high school experience. At times this wasn't obvious while a student there, but no that I am at college I realize that is unique to have a place where so many people truely care about your wellbeing and success.
It's Concord, so nothing really goes on. As a woman i feel really safe being alone towards in the evening.
Plenty of sports and other after school activities, like community service and yoga.