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Comstock ISD not only gave me the education I needed, but this small town school gave me memories that will last a lifetime.
Comstock ISD is a very small environment which gives it a very close family feel. It is very easy to get involved in just about everything they offer. Due to the small size not every sport is offered; however, the sports that are offered are well managed with great coaches. Academics are substantial and students get the opportunity to graduate with over 30 hours of college credit, with a first hand experience and I can tell you it is amazing. Staff does an outstanding job in going out and beyond in helping students in whatever they need.
There are very few extracirriculars to choose from.
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Not many alternate options and highly overpriced.
Students fail to be challenged.
Students are controlled and sheltered.
Full of opportunities, each lacking in quality.
This school offers a lot of opportunities as far as extracurricular activities. In my time here, I have been able to participate in a various activities, such as student council, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, one act play, SSAC (Superintendent Student Advisory Council), and a few other activities. I enjoy having this luxury knowing that in most schools students are made to choose. I do not, however, enjoy the lack of a good work ethic. In this school students are allowed to turn in work late, sleep in class, and slack on a daily basis. If I had the choice to do it all over again, I probably would choose to stay in the same school because you stand out more in a small group than in a class of 1,000.
Due to the small class sizes there are not a lot of options for courses. There are very few electives however, the superintendent is willing to help students take online courses or different dual-credit courses than originally offered. The technology within the school is amazing!
Compared to bigger schools the extracurricular activities seem limited however, when the size of the school is taken into the picture, there are plenty of extracurriculars and there are still some bing added. The school also pays for all expenses when traveling for any extracurriculars.
There was a lot of favoritism between teachers and students. However, students can easily get involved in any activity. It is very easy to get help from most teachers mostly due to the small class sizes. Technology is used in every class and helps students develop a better understanding of new technology.
While there are some good teachers, there are also some bad ones too. There is a lot favoritism between teachers and students. It is also easy to get help from teachers.
I loved being able to participate in all the extracurricular activities. The extended use of technology has made me feel confident in using the computers. I loved that they introduce the computers in elementary and give each high school student a macbook that they use throughout high school. The small class sizes however led to a lot of drama and lack of privacy.
They don't practice safety drills often enough. The school is right next to a border patrol station and is very active with the agents. If an emergency were to happen the station would send agents to help immediately. The school is very clean and well kept
Too much emphasis is given to sports instead of academics and there isn't much school spirit anyway.
There is a lot of favoritism that occurs daily, and I also feel that the dress code is very irrational at some points and more of a problem to enforce every little thing than it is distracting.
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