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My overall experience at Comstock Park High school was excellent. I had many great teachers that prepared me for college. Also the schools' culture is a great thing to see come to life as everyone bonds together during different school pride events. One of the things I hope changes is the diversity in what classes you can take/offered.
I have attended the Comstock Park school district my whole life and I think its a pretty great school. Everyone is very accepting of others and always willing to help fellow students and staff if needed. The staff try their hardest to make it a safe and fun learning environment.
The things that I like most about the schools is the diversity, clubs, and sports. There is however, a few things that do need to be improved on. Such as better technology use, more teachers for English 12 instead of one. And newer school books for classes.
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I would choose this school again, because the teachers are great at making sure their students succeed and make learning fun, and interesting.
Love this school, would recommend to anyone!
There are some great organizations and clubs, i found my perfect match! However, I do wish there were more options and more positions avalible in all groups so more students can be invloved.
I Loved my time at Comstock Park schools.
All of the teachers at CPHS are fantastic. Very smart, respectable, and you can tell they love what they are doing!
Comstock Park tries really hard to protect it's students, it's just a little small, and their dealing with high schoolers. So they can't do everything to prevent every situation.
There isn't enough after school activities to go to and enjoy. We're so small, Comstock Park can't do a lot all at once.
Comstock Park high school is just big enough so that you have a wide range of friends you can have, but small enough so that you know everyone.
Most teachers are engaging with students and encourage students to do their best and don't give up if their having a hard time learning. But, some teachers are biased and grade in a way that shouldn't be allowed.
Very good teachers for a small public school
It's the only high school I've been to, so no opinion.
There are resources available for students. There's an after school program that lasts an hour long where students can get help on materials they don't understand.
A lot of the teachers are great. There are some that really shouldn't be teachers, but are.
The administration is okay. I don't think they're horrible people as some of my classmates make them out to be. They can be a little more strict on the dress code, though.
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I think my school athletically speaking is okay. We have some really good coaches, but we also have a couple of bad coaches. I think the bad coaches we have negatively affects student involvement in the sports they coach. For example, our girls basketball coach is kind of a horrible person when it comes to coaching. This has made our girls basketball team way smaller than it was last year. But we also have some really great coaches. For example, our competitive cheerleading team has made it to state and won multiple times.

Most of the people (students, teachers, parents, etc) attend all of the sports games. The majority of the district population already go to the football games, but some of them go to cheerleading meets, basketball games, and soccer games.
The school administration does a good job in my opinion. Only they could do better with recognizing when someone is being bullied, someone skips class, and when someone's clothes is too revealing or controversial.
There isn't a lot of school involvement because of the fact that not many students like to be involved. Also there's a small percentage of Hispanics and African Americans which can sometimes be hard for those minorities considering they'll feel out of place during situations. I do think that everything is accepted for who they are though, but only a few people are non-acceptable which would probably be the more popular students.
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