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The teachers not only care about the students' education but about the lives of the students as well. They continually make the effort to get to know the students, ultimately building a strong and safe community. If an issue is occurring, the teachers are willing to help where needed, whether that bringing it up to administration, giving sound advice, or just listening to the student and the issue at hand. The teachers are what make the school. The teachers' continual encouragement has greatly affected the school community and culture in a positive and uplifting way, by creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere.
The teachers were always available to help. It was such an interactive learning experience and my teachers helped me through every step. I was also able to earn my associates in high school through the dual credit program that they made very accessible for us. Overall it’s an amazing school and I’m so glad I went there
I attended Compass for the duration of my high school career, entering as a freshman and graduating as a senior. The lessons I have taken with me have been a growth mindset, the impact of sources of strength and the core values associated with such. Mentors, which I found through my teachers and counselors who I could confide in over my academics and when I was having a rough week and needed to find comfort. I enjoyed the fact that it allowed me to experience a charter school since I had left other schools and didn't stay long since they didn't enrich my knowledge nor attitude about making friends or getting involved in school. I found that my art soared past my expectations and was highly encouraged and that grades didn't define your success. Opportunities such as the National Honor Society, community service and apprenticeships all pushed me forward.
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Compass is one of the best schools I have attended. I would rate it five stars but the administration is hard to connect and some of the teachers are not tolerated well by the students. This school has less bullying in my opinion than the average high school, and is a much closer community. We don't have AP classes because all of the classes are a year or two ahead of normal, and several dual-credit classes are offered. The food at Compass is pretty good, while some is an acquired taste, it is much better than some schools I have gone to where you fear food poisoning from the disgusting food that is fed to you.
I’m disappointed in the administration and faculty’s approach to engaged parents. I’ve never felt so unwelcomed to volunteer my time and talents. When I do volunteer, does not appear to be appreciated. Over time I have witnessed favoritism and bullying by the teachers. It is sad that the administration chooses not to prioritize staff development to align with the mission and vision statements they all recite.

In the short term, they have decent test scores (not great) at the cost of inducing anxiety and self doubt in children. If you want long term success found in a well rounded child, skip this school.
As a senior looking at the students younger than me, i can see that much of the vision that CPCS had when I first started attending is slipping away. this could be because the student body is increasing dramatically, or that kids are becoming more and more resistant to authority. Many of the teachers who have been around for the last few years at least have defiantly helped in creating a family friendly environment also.
I've attended Compass Public Charter School for almost seven years and have learned so much from going there. I have found the two main focusses are academics and the overall school culture. Compass has always worked towards providing students with a learning environment that is safe and pushes students to achieve greatness. Their focus on having a growth mindset in not only academics but outside of school activities is engrained in the student and is a life skill that can be continued on throughout a students life. Its focus on continuing education after high school has really prepared me to be engaged in higher education and work towards it. The only hard thing about this school is that there isn't a lot of school spirit when it comes to sports, but it is definitely an issue being addressed. Overall, Compass Public Charter School is an amazing school for anyone dedicated to gaining a strong education.
The teachers and staff are very kind. I have been going to this school for 5 years now and have consistently been impressed by the culture of the school. They manage to maintain a positive environment that reinforces good behavior and academic perseverance in students. The students are encouraged to perform their best work. Overall, I love this school!
The staff did not care about the students and they teach to the test they also frequently violate students right to privacy.
This school has a good education program but a difficult learning environment. They provided the resources their students needed to succeed (most instructors) but reaching conclusions and points were difficult to see. Communication was awkward at times. Some instructors weren't flexible with trying new teaching tactics so some students had a difficult time learning in a style that wasn't their own. They were also too reliant on technology at times and wouldn't have backup plans. Overall, the work got done and eventually students were able to feel successful.
Susan Luke the principal only cares if your child is high. She has made many students cry over scores.
Passionate, caring and impactful teachers.
Based on real-life experience, developing the student to be a thinker for life and education.
Challenging but with ready support and tools.
Good athletic culture, few options.
I've been going to CPCS/CHHS for almost ten years now, and although I can't speak for elementary or middle school (as our school had been constantly growing and changing) I can say that the high school provides students with multitudes of opportunities to get ahead in life, through the means of dual-credit classes, apprenticeship, and more.
At Compass Public Charter School students are set up for success. Through worldview development and exceptional academics, strong character values, and next level excellence, students are prepared to face their future head on and not only that but to thrive in their day-to-day lives. The teachers at Compass are all highly qualified and love what they teach! The staff are all focused on helping each student achieve their best. The classrooms are focused on mastery and not just what you can regurgitate from a textbook. This is done by using real world applications in the classroom as well as thoughtful and in depth class discussions which also aid in the development and defense of individual worldviews. Each assignment has a specific purpose to aid in the students learning and there is no busy work given. In partnership with the College of Western Idaho, Compass offers many dual credit courses to their high schoolers which allows them to get ahead and well as prepare for college.
Compass is a school that focuses on the growth of its students. The teachers are very involved in their students progress and encourage us to come to them with anything we need help with. I have been attending Compass for eight years and have loved every minute of it as the atmosphere of the school is one centered around a safe area to learn and develop your own worldview without worrying about being bullied or teased by other students for you beliefs. Going to Compass has helped me break out of my shell and become more confident in and further develop a successful work ethic that will continue to help me throughout the rest of my life. I am glad that I have been able to be a part of such a unique school that genuinely cares and focuses on preparing its students for success in the real world.
The small environment strengthened relations between the students and the teachers, but the school lacked athletic programs and opportunities larger schools offer.
Overall the school is an extremely safe environment. Bullying occurs, but I feel like it is controlled.
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There are some clubs on campus, but the attendance levels are pretty small.
I really enjoyed my experience at this school. The small atmosphere can be difficult at times because I didn't always get the social aspect I was looking for. However, I was willing to sacrifice some social things to get an incredible and well-rounded education.
The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and do a tremendous job working with their students one-on-one to help them succeed.
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