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Compass Montessori - Golden Charter School Reviews

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I’ve been going to Compass since seventh grade and can generally say that it’s been a good experience. The interactive work and teacher’s commitment to students is unlike any other, but the amount of activities and curriculars are definitely on the smaller side. Would recommend to any student who wants to develop closer connections and learns better in an interactive environment
it was very good. I got many opportunities and experiences that I wouldn't have gotten at any other school.
This school is truly a unique learning experience. They don't only teach you the basic classes like math or english but they also teach teach important life skills that you can use in life. They have an amazing atmosphere where you can work and learn. The only school I've seen that has a farm. The students learn to make their own schedule that helps with planning out your future. Wonderful teachers there to help out.
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The Compass High school is very strong in most areas of education. I believe that the best courses there are history and English, followed by physics. Math isn't the best, but they offer a calculus class, which is much better. The normal science class wasn't very well taught, but the physics, as said before, was outstanding.
Compass Montessori is an incredible school where I have been able to flourish socially and academically with the support of my teachers and guides.
Compass Montessori is a wonderful school, for experiences, and humanities. They do not support math or science very well; luckily, I was individually fascinated by biology and anatomy, so I am leaving confidently with my science knowledge, but only due to my own research.
I was granted many trips, and lessons that I would not have learned anywhere else. The teachers are personal, and cooperative with whatever the student may need.
I was sick for months in 10th grade, and missed 5 weeks of school. The teachers helped me so much to catch up.
It is important to know that this school will only be good for independent, and motivated individuals. If the student NEEDS structure, they will fail at this school. I do recommend this school though, especially for people wanting to pursue English, or history.
I've gone here my entire school career & I know I have been exposed to things not available in the neighborhood schools. I think hands on learning is the best!
Montessori is a different kind of school. We learn to do things for ourselves. The guides really care about the students & are constantly learning too.
More effort on core competencies. Leadership wrapped around the axel concerning Montessori methods. School should not allow itself to be rated F by Jefferson County. School owes parents an explanation and action plan to correct this telling rating.
School didn't hire experienced teachers to replace ones that left recruited within rather than get best possible teachers(Lower E).
No homework and no observed desire from school leadership to see students place in good colleges.
I think this school could do more for its students. It seems to me the school thinks its to good to provide basic education to its students and meet basic Montessori precepts. This school was rated F by Jefferson County (elementary) last year. Its time for this school to stop its elitism and put the work into providing a decent basic education. The fact this school has been rated F and they are not communicating about corrective action is very concerning. This can be done and the school owes this to the children and parents of this school. To me, the school leadership's attitude can best be described as lame when it comes to being proactive and achieving high standards of education.
Needs more music and sports
It's probably as safe as one can expect
small school. they try to use all the resources they can.
I couldn't imagine going to a different school. I loved being able to teach my own class, and being able to learn things that I wouldn't have otherwise in the traditional school setting.
I have only been bullied once and the issue was resolved in a timely manner. Otherwise there is hardly ever any bullying. It is a safe school to the point where there aren't even locks on the lockers. I have never had anything stolen or broken. We had many classes on health issues of all kinds from sports injuries to sex ed to common diseases to drugs. The school nurse was only there one or two days a week but that's all we needed her for.
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Compass really helped me with independence and choosing a schedule that works for me. The work load and expectations match that of a college level.
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