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Good school when I went there but I've seen a lot go down hill when we had an administration change. I loved the culture and learning environment but I think the culture has been kind of lack luster for my the last year or so. The teachers are all good except for one in particular that has somehow not been fired yet. I got a great education from there though and learned a lot more than I would ever have at any other school.
I transfered to Compass after attending another highschool, the sheer difference in quality was astounding, I learned a lot better at Compass, and the teachers work hard to connect with their students
Pretty average. Just a small student body.
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Going here helped me prepare for college and gave me the confidence to speak publicly. It gave me real world experience and knowledge and prepared me for the challenges of college. It made me accountable for my grades and actions so that college was an easier transition.
Compass Academy is a wonderful school. I went to this school for freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year. I then moved to Portland, Oregon, and the schooling there was a mess. They did not accommodate to my 5o4 and most of the teachers were not helpful. I returned to Compass Academy at the beginning of my junior year. I love it more than ever. The facilitators are super involved; and they want you to succeed. Overall, Compass Academy is my favorite school I have ever been to.
Compass Academy is a very unique school. You’ll really get to know both your classmates and your teachers outside of class. You’ll get to participate in amazing projects that will not only further your education, but also give you opportunities that you wouldn’t have normally received.
Compass Academy has wonderful features, such as college/career readiness, working in groups as you would in an actual job, a 1 on 1 working environment, and being treated with general respect. You also learn to work with technology and are provided with a free laptop with a bunch of editing software (such as Adobe products) to do all your work on (it's given back at the end of the senior year though, a common misconception is you get it forever). It's a lovely high school, and I'd recommend it to anyone who lives in Idaho Falls and would like the learning place described above.
I like the facilitators that work at Compass. They are very friendly. I would like to see more school wide activities.
I attended Compass for 4 years and recently graduated. The academics and overall environment at Compass cannot be beat by anyone. Our test scores are always significantly higher than state averages. We outperform in academic competitions such as the Phenomenal Physics Fair. Even within the New Tech Network family, we are considered one of the best.
The facilitators are there to help and encourage their students to push themselves and grow. They really care about the work they do and each of their students.
There's room for everyone at Compass. The Project Based Learning allows you to learn how to work with lots of different people and personality types. This teaches valuable skills and builds a community amongst students.
If you're really interested in a topic, you are encouraged to pursue it, and facilitators are there to help you with that.
Anyone who comes to Compass that is willing to work hard and develop a growth mindset will do really well there.
I really like how it is project-based learning with integrated classes. It allows me to be able to learn two different subjects in one class. This not only benefits my knowledge but it also helps tremendously with my credits I need to graduate. Because of the integration, you get credits very quickly.
Compass Academy was the place where I learned to accept myself. Compass Academy functions more as a community than an actual high school- it's my home away from home, and my peers and facilitators feel like my family. Since I joined Compass Academy, I feel like not only have I increased my intelligence, but increased my awareness and respect for the people around me.
I love Compass. All of the teachers there are so enthusiastic about teaching and work so hard. This in return motivates the students to push themselves to learn more interesting material and therefore become more excited about school. The projects are also so exciting. Our Civics class once created an entire debate for our mayoral candidates.
It's extremely open and gives you a lot of free time. If you have niche interests that require lots of time it's a great place to explore your passions and meet lots of kind people. It has zero diversity (maybe 5-10 non-white in a 600 person school) which is a bit of a downside. Idaho Falls is also extremely Mormon (30% of the total population) but the people are all kind. It's a great school if you're in the area and already know what the people are like.
Compass Academy was built for students who wanted a unique education from their traditional counterparts. From being a small campus, the students and faculty became close to one another and the culture really shaped the way the school was run. Had I not attended Compass for four years, I would have felt like just another graduate on the stage. Compass Academy really shaped who I am as a person and made me feel like a special part of the community, not just a regular student. With incredible faculty, facilitators, and classes, Compass was and still is a revolutionary way to teach high school education and college preparedness.
Unlike any other in Idaho, Compass Academy is a New Tech Network school that focuses on students' personal interests through project-based learning. These group projects bring together a wide variety of students such as leaders, artists, writers, film makers, digital designers and many others that wouldn't normally socialize otherwise. Each grade has major projects that they create each year such as The Cancer Awareness Fair, a WWII museum, and most notably, More Than A Stigma. During my sophomore year, we created this non-profit mental health awareness campaign, which reached out and informed the community of this prominent issue that isn't being addressed. With integrated courses, a college-like atmosphere, and exceptional facilitators actually interested in our goals, Compass Academy prepares its students for both the workload and freedom of life after college. I am honored to attend such an innovative school unlike any other.
Compass is a new tech project based high school. I have loved my experience here so far and I recommend it to anyone who can think out of the box and wants to be ready for college when they graduate!
Compass has been a good experience for me. I have made friends here, whereas if I went to a different school system I did not. This school treats me like everybody else but not. Everbody gets treated the same, but everybody is special.
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Compass Academy is a great step in the right direction for what education should look like. It can be bettered with a better math curriculum, but it is being fixed. Other than that it has great college readiness.
Compass Academy is an amazing school that allows students to prepare for college and become more familiar with modern technology.
I love how the students can interact with each other and with their facilitators. It has such an amazing learning environment for people.
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