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i am a teen mom, i had a baby at 16. in this specific school they have this program called “TAPP” teenage adolescence pregnancy program. That support system is filled with so many amazing people who care and love for each of their students. Through this program i am thankfully granted a scholarship to have free daycare for my baby while in school. My baby attends an excellent daycare on school compass ran by 3 wonderful ladies. Not to mention all the people who donate to us and our volunteers. i am so blessed and fortunate to have found this school. Without this school i would’ve dropped out and got my GED. This school is filled with hardworking and compassionate teachers, who look to help you succeed in every aspect of your education. Compadre High School has aided me to defy the odds of dropping out as a teen mom, i will be graduating even earlier than i had anticipated. Even if i don’t win this scholarship i am glad i got the chance to shed a light on my superheroes.
Compadre is a really good school if you are willing to work hard with the teachers and staff. Whats amazing aout the school is you can work on your own speed. Its a very easy school and fun at the same time. The only thing is you have to stay focus because a lot that goes on the school (including other students) can distract you. Turn in your work on time and do not miss out on any deadline and you should be good to go.
Most of the staff was very welcoming and always did whatever they could to help students. Their mascot is the Logo, if you don't know that is a Mexican wolf as well as one of my favorite animals. They recently added an art class as well as a yearbook class. This school used to be a credit recovery school and has since become a full time school. I really recommend it!
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Compadre High School was definitely an unforgettable school, for it was the only school I can remember from the countless amount of schools I've been to. Starting with the teachers, they're your friend and teacher at the same time. The students also made the experience amazing, they'll make you feel like part of the family. The only problem is that they'll only helping you to get a diploma, not preparing you for college. High school was supposed to help you stretch your mind to grasp your sanity from the amount assignments you'll get; Compadre had little to no homework to even worry about work while college was full of it. Amazing school if all you want is a diploma, but join another school if you want to be challenged.
The teachers and staff really seem to care about the students graduating. When I attended Compadre, the teachers were amazing and I actually ended up graduating 6 months early.
The teachers genuinely care about the students and try their hardest to lead us to successful pathways once we are through with high school. They are open to talk about anything that you have questions about and they are easy yo talk to. the lessons that are taught really do help you in the real world. JAG (Jobs for Arizona's Graduates) is one that really helps the students learn about the real world. Some things that are taught to us in that class are how to live on your own, do taxes, how to get along with different personalities, and how to apply for jobs and go on interviews.
The school is small, so overall is excellent for teenage mothers. Compadre provides daycare so that mothers may be able to finish school and move forward with college,also students that need extra help. Teachers actually sit down one by one to study and go over work that is not understanded
the administration was condescending and cared nothing for the students. I would rather have gone to a school with no resources but had a faculty that listened to its students. I lost a massive amount of potential education because of Compadre. We had a student that threatened the safety of many of the schools students. He went as far as to pretend to murder students with a phone app that simulated gunfire. However, this incident, as well as most others, went completely ignored by the administration. The program In is now known as the Desert Heights Program. I was only in the new program for two weeks before moving to Marcos De Niza, however, I can tell you it was not much better. Bottom line: stay away from Compadre.
The teachers here are excellent and work great with what they are given. They are all pr-activein students grades and life outside of school. They faculitate discussion well and push kids to learn.
while the school itself is greatn at what it does i personally did not enjoy my experience. Compadre caters to kids that struggle in a regular high school enviroment. They are not all that intelligent or mature, but i am amazed everyday at how well the staff handles them and manages them.
Its an old elementary school coverted into a high school campus. There is a lack of some faculties but overall the school posses the basic needs.
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