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Como Park is a nice school with many opportunities. That being said, it has areas of improvement as well. The school is very segregated, but I feel like that slowly changes as you move up grades. The sports tend to be segregated too. I would reccomend that all freshmen join a fall sport so that they can meet people before the school year starts. Swimming is a great sport to join. It is welcoming, kind, and the team is diverse.
The school overall, I guess is okay. The curriculum is average although, there were a couple books I wished I didn’t have to read, and I felt were above my comfort level and of course you get the teachers. I my opinion, I dislike most of them. There are a few honorable mentions, the sweet and understanding Ms. Her, she retired I believe due to sickness. Mr. Erickson, some may disagree, but his class was easy, and he was fair. Mr. Ahlm, Although a newbie when he taught AP Chem, he was still a laid-back teacher and tolerant. And lastly, Mr. Magnuson. Very fun and laid-back, lenient when grading and patient.
I love Como it’s fun to be around all different types of people and play sports and they have great teacher and I would some day love to send my kids here
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Good school overall. The best part about the school is that if you have the drive and motivation to take on a rigorous course load, there are enough challenging classes to do so, and it offers courses that other high schools in the district do not. The teachers of these challenging courses are also very good, and are interested in seeing students succeed. In addition, a lot of the sports programs compete at a high level consistently.
I love going here as a transfer student from another SPPS. The school offers many academic resources that will help you get ready for life beyond High School. Either entering the workforce or continuing onto higher education.
My experience here isn’t that bad. Sometimes, I feel like the school and teachers are really unorganized. There are definitely some teachers who have no idea what they are doing and they have been teaching at Como for over twenty year now. The school isn’t really stric, which I like, but there’s also a downfall to that. I see a lot of students that go on their phones and teachers don’t really have control over their students. Although Como has it’s flaws, Como also gives students many opportunities. You have to reach out if you want something. Como has many after school activities that you can join in. We have College Possible, Upper bound, sports, clubs, and any activities to help you find yourself.
Como activities have made me who I am today, especially the Swim team. I joined the swim team as a 7th grade student at Murray and I could not have made a better decision. The swim team is not only a great way to get fit, but it is also a great way to make lifelong friends. I was able to find kind, supportive and hilarious friends through the swim team and I would highly recommend joining it. Sports and activities are a great way to interact with students you otherwise wouldn't see during the school day.
As far as the school day goes, Como is lacking. It's no secret that Como's classes, lunches and community is very racially-segregated. AP and CIS classes will have a majority white class. Going from an accelerated/AP course to a non-accelerated course is like night and day. There is a new principal this year but in previous years administration has been lacking. Teachers are obviously very stressed and so are students.
I transferred to Como my sophomore year. From there on I met amazing people and joined clubs I wouldn't expect myself to do. I was pretty quiet as a person. As junior year came I joined Girls Varsity Tennis. I was also the President of the Asian American Club the last two years of high school. I was in National Honor Society and College Possible. The amazing friends I had there made the experience at Como fun!
Come park high school was the first school I want to since I moved to the United States, it’s helped me develop a deep understanding of American educational systems and help me learn to understand the difference between my British English and American English as well as different methods of learning for example I learnt bidmas ()*\x+- in England but at Como I learnt pamdas which is the same thing just a different method.
It is a diverse school and there are many opportunities for students to push themselves and prepare themselves for college.
Como is filled with multiple people of diverse heritage and people. It has a great atmosphere but the school administration and teachers tend to favor students of middle income, white families who are in advanced classes and disregard students of color.
I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. Although I was bullied last year the school did things about it and gave me support." "I like school because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love seeing my friends. Como Park should little bit how counselors should have appointment with students instead of them making students to make appointment to see them.
It's diverse, inclusive, the staff is involved and willing to help. Sports are great and well supported.
Como Park Senior High is a pretty good school with it’s many programs and activites to help you with college. They could improve on their community.
I stared school at como at sophomore year, como is a very diverse school.
The reason I like it is the dirvsity, the teachers are nice to me also my learning environment is good and exiting. Overall I like it here and I will be graduating this year.
I came to Como Park my freshman year because my siblings were going to or already attending this school. I didn’t have the best experience at como but that wasn’t because of the school or the teachers. In all honesty I had some amazing teachers at como that have helped me succeed.
It's a decent school you can get good education at. It is located in an urban area and is very diverse.
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Very good school! The academics, especially in the sciences and maths, are really well taught. The teachers make it interesting. The only complaint I have is about the arts program; unfortunately, the SPPS school district does not put enough money into its arts programs, even though they are, in my opinion, vital to student social and academic development.
I grew up going to a private school but I transferred to a public school for the first time in my life after my freshman year as a high school student. Of course the environment is very different. The people are less disciplined and the work load is easier, depending on the type of classes you take. However, going to this school has allowed me the chance to do things that I would not be able to do at my old private high school. Here at Como Park, I saw the many opportunities that were offered to help us to apply to colleges and get into colleges. I would not have been given free ACT books to study from for the ACT. I would not have been able to apply to as many colleges as I wanted to for free if I was not in a program that pushed students to be independent and strive for the best in our future careers. I would not have been able to have so many friends from diverse backgrounds if I did not come to Como Park High School.
Como have every things you might want. Good sport team, Ap and CIS classes. The people here are very helpful if you reach out for it.
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