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Very limited. Good academics for a small town. Only show in town and they are very aware of that fact. The headmaster is a puppet to the antiquated board of the school. The board is completely out of touch. They treat volunteers like garbage. Sadly the name is the only thing about the school that is a Community.Most people are so wealthy at this school that they don't really want a connection to others. Very hard to break in. Mostly trustfunders. The public schools in Naples are decent...i would look there first...Seagate, gulfview and barron..most people at community (csn) pull their kids after middle school and put them in public or boarding school...that says it all. Dont buy the hype, look elsewhere.
My daughter has had an amazing experience at this school. Teachers and staff are always around to help students even after school.
We highly recommend it.
I was a student at CSN from Kindergarten until the end of 9th grade. I can honestly say that CSN is a different kind of school, both negatively and positively. The teachers at CSN, generally, are qualified and some teachers truly excel at teaching their respective subjects. On the other hand, some teachers were not good at teaching while others simply did not wish to teach anymore. Overall, I would say that academics are substantial but not excellent. In terms of the student body, the kids are fairly accepting. CSN is known as the "rich kids school."
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This school is by far the best school in Florida, nothing comes close to how perfect this school is.
CSN is an excellent overall school that is academically challenging with a very positive and nurturing environment, Located on a beautiful campus.
Kids of heavy donors are on occasion, treated a little differently. Child on scholarship may not get a 2nd chance on the same disciplinary issue. Lifers & those with multiple siblings seem to get more awards. Great college prep experience, small class sizes & opps. to grow with extra-curricular and sports activities-all equally available except sports. Should know: 1) seasonal sports teams will "recruit" athletes that can't afford CSN & they get tuition paid-- if you pay for your child, h/s may get bumped. Doesn't sit well with some. CSN competes in a low athletic division, so this conflict actually is silly but some "people" still too sports-minded. Mgmt. of teams/coaches (get the parents OUT of coaching) & AD office is pretty weak. 2) several teachers had their kids in K-8 then sent their kids to public schools--perhaps to arb weaker students. CSN sends 100% to college and each year feeds more students to the top 25 schools, cementing the reputation as a 5 star school.
Does not prepare you for large university . Also, money rules at the school. Especially when it comes to disciplinary actions , how much you give to the school will have an impact on any discipline action
I have been a lower school teacher at CSN for over five years and I am delighted to say that we have cultivated such a wonderful environment! The children are always happy, excited, determined, and friendly. Every work day is wonderful because of the children. I love how all the kids are friends with everyone and help each other out. The children are academically competitive in that they want to do their best, but they are not competitive with each other because they support each other. I love this.
My daughter attended CSN from Pre-K4 to 12th grade. She thrived every single second. Never experienced any bullying from students unlike her friends did at the local private schools and public schools. The faculty handles all situations very quickly, efficiently, and carefully. There is also great character development throughout every grade and my daughter has accumulated wonderful values from CSN. This school has such a wholesome, supportive, encouraging environment. Could not be happier!
The Community School of Naples helps students get involved with academics more. The teachers get involved with the students life and care about the student succeeding. They want what’s best for the students and are aware that if we are crammed with work, they are understanding. Also, the athletics are good because we are a small school and get a lot of playing time. Community School also prepares you for college in the future. It gets us ready to succeed because of the difficulty of the academics. Alumni students have said they are ahead of everyone in college because of how well they prepared us.
I went to CSN for grades 5-12, excelled in academics and sports, and went to an excellent university. Unfortunately, the administration turns a blind eye to bullying and one of the teachers in the lower school (who has been there the longest) is the worst teacher in the history of my school life! I don't know why they allow her to stay. Certain students were given free reign to bully other students relentlessly. Horrible!
I attended CSN from Kindergarten through the twelfth grade, and I loved my experience. Teachers were always willing to meet at free times and after school in order to help students excel and the clubs and activities were productive and really fun to be a part of. The people are always kind and helpful, although there could have been more of an initiative to help children suffering from bullying.
This school has bullying just like any other school. The new middle school director doesn't have a clue on how to handle it. They should've found someone more qualified to take over this position.
When my family was looking at schools, none compared to CSN. The campus was safe, beautiful, and growing. The academics at Community School of Naples are incredible. I am an alumna and during my education from kindergarten to grade 12 at CSN, I was always academically challenged and learning things that my friends at other schools would not learn for another few years. CSN is diverse for a school in Naples, since Naples is a majorly white town. There is lots of diversity on campus and the different cultures add to the value of education. Also, the teachers are wonderful. The teachers are always available after school or during lunch or snack breaks to help with students when they need it. While the teachers know that their primary job is teaching, they also act as mentors and friends to the students. Everything about CSN is wonderful and top notch. If you are a prospective family, I strongly encourage you to take a tour to see the excellence of CSN yourself.
The main focus of the school is academic excellence. For the most part, teachers are excellent and take a very personal interest in each student. However, many of the students display attitudes of entitlement. There is very little focus on character development.
Community School of Naples is an independent, Pre-K through Grade 12 college preparatory day school in Naples, Florida, United States.
Very safe and healthy They cater food for lunch
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All the mentors are amazing and very supportive.
I would love to go back. Play multiple sports an clubs.
If you desire to work, they want to help!
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