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CSD was a great experience for the last four year. I had caring teachers who were willing to help whenever necessary. Plenty of clubs and athletic opportunities as well. I enjoyed attending this school as much as I thought I would.
I enjoyed my time at CSD but it was not very diverse. I wish I had experiences with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I like the teachers and the foundation of the school. It is in a safe location and rarely has trouble. They are expanding the sports programs by creating their own football field through raising money. They want to create an environment that second generations will want to send their kids to the school. The elementary school is a great place to get kids involved in different events in the community. The middle school is isolated from the elementary school to give those kids space and time to grow. The high school is farther away and allows you to grow over those four years.
My overall experience has been nothing but positive. The faculty has challenged every student to think for outside the box in order to be successful. They also make sure to take time for students who struggle in a specific course in order for them to fully understand the subject matter.
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I have been to four schools throughout my K-12 education. CSD is very unique even among the strange schools I have attended. I love my school for many reasons, but the biggest one is the arts program. Community School of Davidson has an amazing arts program with great teachers and talented students. If I have had a rough day, I know I can look forward to my art class and advance my artistic skill. Academically, CSD is also exceptional. I have had wonderful teachers who are very knowledgeable in their subjects. No school is perfect, but I feel like CSD has helped me grow so much as a student and a person.
Teachers at the Community School of Davidson are exceptional. They value each student's opinion, challenge us and guide us towards success. We know we are cared for each and every day, and observe the passion each teacher has towards education.
I loved the sense of community our school had but I did not feel like they prepared me for college. This school does have athletics but they are not a big conference school. If you love the arts you will love the school. It is a charter and very hard to get into. The teachers are wonderful and the staff will always go out of their way to help students
It’s a good school, they help prepare you for college and th teachers are absolutely amazing for the most part. The school is mostly white, but they do try to educate students on racial problems.
The school is a good environment for learning. The teachers have a very good relationship with the students. Like any school, there are issues.
The Community School of Davidson is an environment where art students can thrive. We have amazing artistic opportunities including the option to go off campus to a professional dance studio in order to participate in dance classes. We have a lot of freedom similar to a college type environment which I feel prepares the student body well for the freedom we experience in college. The only thing I would change about my school is how many class options we have. This is a small school and we do not have the wide variety of classes other schools in our areas have. Overall I am happy and satisfied with my experience at Community School of Davidson. I have always felt very supported and safe here.
CSD allows students to pursue their passion. I was able to have an independent study and pursue robotics and engineering research that I am interested in. I do wish that they offered more programs in computer science and engineering.
No diversity. The admin sucks and never take care of the real issues and everything’s a joke. They treat us like 2 year olds and were not ready for college. The teachers are great but the admin is just the worst. Remember the csd way;)
I have attended CommunitySchool of Davidson since I was in Kindergarten and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.
I love the environment in the building and all of the teachers are there for because they want you to succeed.
Community School of Davidson is a school with a very strong sense of community and believes that every student can and will succeed in ways that
reflect his or her own interests. The teachers and admistration are always willing to help with anything.
Great environment, teachers really care and want to see students be successful. Huge advantages over public schools!
Community School of Davidson is a unique and inspiring place. The teachers and staff care about each student's individual success and spend time working with each student to make sure they fully understand the material. CSD not only teaches academics but also what it means to be apart of a community. Through volunteer work, and field trips one is taught the importance of service.
I wish I could give CSD 4 and 1/2 stars. I didn't give them great scores across the board, but while their diversity, clubs, and college readiness are not PERFECT, there's no place I would rather be. There isn't a single school that has had students and faculty that are as loving and supportive as CSD. My teachers are AMAZING. Help is always readily available should you need it. The admin are loving and ever present. There's not a single student who goes unnoticed.
Now. For my frustrations with CSD. Sometimes I feel as though it's a school geared towards kids who have trouble learning. I love to work hard, but often feel like my needs go unmet in terms of rigor. 4.0 GPAs are easy to get, there are no prerequisites for APs, and honors classes are not separate from standard. I'm also annoyed that there isn't a wide variety in courses and clubs. The options are few.
I am obsessed with CSD and would never choose anywhere else. It's mildly flawed, but I feel beyond blessed to go here.
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Community school of davidson, CSD, was a very good high school for me. The grades are smaller and so are the classes so you can make friends easier because you know most of the people in your grade. The academics are challenging, but not super hard to where you are stressing out of failing. If someone is failing the teachers try their best to help the student being their grade up by having review sessions after school and more one-on-one time.
Most of the sports are good, but since it is a smaller school the teams don't have as much to choose from so they are limited in talent to some degree. I wouldn't say it's the teams that need improving, but school spirit. The amount of people that go to the sports games on a regular basis isn't much and during Spirit Week there isn't much participation. This is the only thing I think the school needs to improve on, but honestly that's up to the students to do that.
Over all, I really enjoyed this school and encourage others to go there.
I have been at this school for 12 years. They offer a lot of hands on learning which fits right into my learning style. They also offer a lot of resources for those who need it. We are encouraged to be active and life long learners. We do not only focus on academics. We focus on the whole person and our relationships with others. I feel this helps to make us well rounded and able to better communicate with each other.
The workload at our school seems to be less than other schools in the area. It is very manageable and you can always talk to the teachers if it is not. Teachers will work with you always. Scheduling is extremely easy and each student meets one on one with a counselor every year.
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