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One of the things I loved most about this school was them helping you to get ready for college. They even have a program where you can take a college class at Portland Community College while still attending your normal classes at community school.
My school had cliques just like all the other ones. We had the popular kids, the nerds, the drama geeks. Our cliques were just like all the others from other schools there just wasn't that many kids and somehow all the cliques were connected somehow. The bad thing is that its such a small school that everybody knows everything about everybody.
We had one security guard and she was tough but rubbed off the wrong to everybody. She had favorites and then the ones she liked harassing. The nurse was very good. She was the teacher of the continued education for young parents school so she knew what was going on and how to fix it.
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This school was by far the best high school I could have attended. The classrooms were the perfect size(~10 students per class). The teachers always had personal time for all of their students. We didn't have to go to school on Monday but if you needed one on one time with one of your teachers, they were there for you. It had the high school vibe but in a smaller, more relaxed way. I would definitely chose this school again. I got the high school experience but in a calmer way. No extra unneeded stress.
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