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...(continued)Now the teachers, the teachers here are pretty great, honestly. At least the ones I had. You can tell they care and they make an effort to spend time and get to know you. This year though many of the really good teachers have let us know that it would be their last year which is really sad to think about, especially because they all have a really large impact in our community and in our CRCS community. So, yea. I definitely recommend this school, I’m sorry I wrote so much.
-Sierra D. (aka someone🕴🏽)
I joined CRMS in the middle of sixth grade and it was definitely worth it. I was surrounded by people who genuinely cared and I was able to create bonds with, even in the short time I was there. This school is pretty much a second family to me and so many others and it’s pretty close knit and I’m sure that even after you graduate you’ll at least have one friend that will keep in touch.This school starts at Kindergarten and goes up until Eighth grade which means your child/ you will be here for 9 years (which is pretty crazy, and may get annoying. But worth it), it has music, physical education, art, theater, math, science and humanities as classes (the 7th graders, us 2K19 graduates and up didn’t have music though, we had Spanish but the Principal decided that 6th graders would start taking Spanish in 7th grade), a good amount of clubs and a lot more but my brain is slowly shutting down...
AMAZING!!!! The teachers and staff at Community Roots are WONDERFUL!!!!! They take their namesake to heart students are educated and the families are provided community and resources. The special education department is great and the courses afforded are as diverse and the student body!
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Perhaps not the most "rigorous" academically but kids learn a lot and learn the really important things, like how to learn, conduct research, respect themselves and each other, etc
Very, very safe despite being in the middle of the projects.
Lots and lots of different activities from a 6-week elective twice a year to a robust after-school program.
I've never seen a more engaged, committed, loving group of teachers. My daughter has been at the school for 4 years and each set of teachers (there are 2 for every class!) has been amazing.
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