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It’s honestly a great school that cares about the students, I should know I’ve been in the WWP district since kindergarten.
PART 1--As an 8th grade student of CMS who is soon to graduate and a student who has been going to West Windsor-Plainsboro since kindergarten, I can say a lot about my experience of this school and district. You can ask most people at the high school and they will all agree that this district is quite stressful, and I'm sure all feel stressed to an extent. Honestly, this school has great teachers. Most teachers will always help during flex or lunch, and everyone enjoys participating in most classes. That being said, being top of state the school obviously gives pressure to students due to its name. For example, the actual math course (standard) for our grade is Algebra 1, while the state standard course is Math 8. And of course they have an honors course for a high school course of which they give to 8th graders... it's WWP after all. We're known for making students stressed.
Teachers are pretty good not excellent. But parents are very, very intent on their kids grades and it reflects in the CMS Student Body. Overall, the administrators do a great job with Community and I personally think Community deserves #1 on the Middle School Rankings!
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There are so many opportunities for after school activities here. There are the AMIGOS who are a leadership training group that does plenty of community service and works towards holding their annual March of Fashion fashion show to support the March of Dimes, there is an active Student Council, a cooking club, Science Olympiad, Hands Across the Water which raises funds for children in Congo, Africa, a robotics club, an Environmental club, and many other clubs. School dances are usually fun to go to, and even more fun to host.
The school building is very old, but it is slowly becoming modernized. The gym was recently redone and looks amazing. The bathrooms are still nasty, but there is only so much that can be done in one school year. The school internet is very slow, but eventually gets the job done.
The guidance counselors are always available to talk to, and are very easy to approach. The dress code is lenient as long as what you wear is not drastically inappropriate. Administration does everything they can to make the school run smoothly. The Principal is easily approachable if you are comfortable talking to adults. She is very open to new ideas, and very personable.
The students have fun participating in the sports they play, and in the end that's all that matters is that you enjoy what you are doing. The basketball games against the sister school Thomas Grover Middle School are often the most attended. Other sports like soccer, tennis, wrestling, cross country, or track do not have much school spirit, but students still enjoy being a part of the team.
It's Asian dominant here. The minority population are really any other racial groups. However, this exposed me to new cultures that I wouldn't have known about if I went to a school predominantly white, black or hispanic. Student involvement is fairly high with the clubs available. Everyone is accepting, but as it is a middle school, there is a tendency for students to form cliques, and be a little mean if you don't fit certain standards, but that's all a part of the middle school experience of finding out where you belong.
I believe my experience at CMS was a great one. There are so many opportunities for field trips, the atmosphere is amazing, and the teachers are so helpful. If you are involved in school you will do well here. There is so much to do if you know where to look. Everyday was full of fun, and I learned so much information that is useful in high school. I'd love to come back here and do it all over again.
This school has great health and safety policies. The school nurse was spectacular when I attended, and was always willing to do anything to make me feel better. The new security measures made me feel safe everyday, and I know it made parents feel better about sending their children to school. The security guards are friendly to the students too if interacted with. The security cameras are helpful too.
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