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Community High School is better than most schools, there are many teachers who prepare students for college and help when it's needed. There are many different clubs and activities at the school for students.
I am an alum and I love this school! the teachers are incredible and the staff is very kind! I was college-ready when I graduated. I always go back to the sports events to support the teams and the clubs! I recommend this small school to any parent!
I'm currently an upcoming senior at this school, and I could say that I've throughly enjoyed my experience at this school. I've had some of the best teachers that have opened up my eyes and my heart. It may be a small school, but there are BIG possibilities and endless memories to make. This school is the best school....PERIOD.
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I loved my experience at Community High School. Since it is a small school, everyone is so close and knows each other well. The teachers were always so friendly, and I could always come to them for help.
They understand if you have difficulties outside of school that is interfering with your academics. They understand, and they try to work things out the best they can with you so you aren’t stressed.
As an overall look at Community High school, it's a very good school. The teachers are very educated, well rounded, and willing to lend a helping hand when needed. One thing i would like to see change is that the main academic hallway gets a little bigger because it gets very cramped when you have freshmen, sophomore, junior, and seniors all in one hall way
Community is a super fun place to go to school with a close knit family of students. The academics can be extremely competitive at times, but the teachers make the challenge much more enjoyable.
I loved Community high school. It a small town school. It is small mostly everyone know everyones name and the whole town is big into sports. The academics could be a stronger for some students . I think they should have tech school class for the kids that are going straight into the workforce.
Community High School is the best school and only school I've gone too. I feel like I'm home because I know everyone, and all the teacher care for every student regardless who you are. I've never experienced any problems. I went to school at community my whole life
The food is bad. the people are ok.teachers are ok. Some people are rude and mean but others are nice
I had a lot of experience concerning fine arts and agriculture education. The events I attended were one of a kind. The drama club is by far the most advanced on the high school level in the area, I could not have asked to have trained at a better school. It has been functioning for twenty plus years under the same wonderful instructor. The department holds everything from breakfast musicians and summer Shakespeare to red carpet awards ceremonies. A family feel is very apparent, something I will always carry with me. The agricultural education classes and functions are very friendly-oriented. A yearly fest entitled The Wild Beast Feast takes place every year; students in the department bring wild game they have hunted over the winter and show up to school at 5-6 a.m. to begin cooking. A tractor that makes ice cream is brought in, tickets are sold, and all of the proceeds go to charity. The uniqueness of this small school goes on, I would choose it again and again. The memories and friends made and lessons learned from my teachers will last a lifetime.
I thoroughly enjoyed my years at this school. The teachers I was closest to created a great personal relationship with me to help me get where I needed to be. Most were very open to meeting outside of class times to accommodate any of my needs. I can only think a few teachers, who doubled as athletic coaches, who were ineffective in their teaching methods. However, these are few and far between. The English and Arts teachers are who I spent the most of my time with and they were extremely attentive to the needs of every student in the classroom. These teacher created projects and lesson plans that allowed every student to exhibit his or her own unique ideas and utilize them to get the grade they best deserved. No student was left out for any reason, and it seemed to me that everyone was very successful in these classes. Teachers were attentive to us all the way up to our graduation date, and many keep in touch with me today to assist me in any questions I may have about the college world. I would not have chosen to attend or compare any other high school to this one.
There are school assemblies to address bullying, but there is still bullying. No one gets punished because the teachers never see it and no one reports it. As for the teacher/student IDs, it wouldn't be necessary because everyone knows each other by name. Unfortunately, the high school has to share the school nurse with the elementary and middle school across the street so she's only available for a couple of hours. There isn't any health programs or resources.
There is a variety of clubs at Community. Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) go on many school trips. The Key Club is very active in community service and charities. Those two are some of the more exclusive clubs where the members have to maintain an A B average. The club I was in for two years, Leo Club, was once a great club until the President graduated. My senior year the next President was voted on. He won on a popularity contest because the runner up was so dedicated to the club and even presented with a tearjerker speech. Now, no one even knows what Leo Club is.
Community High School is the most unique school in my opinion. The staff support the students talents and even let them display them during pep rallies. We have dress up days everyone will like. We even had a Take Your Tractor to School day! Living in the country really makes you a better person and view things differently. I would choose Community High School as my graduate school every time.
There are some teachers who are always happy and easily approachable and interact in the classroom to make learning more fun, but there are some who just put up powerpoints for note-taking the whole class. They just sit on the computer so long that we forget we even have a teacher. Some of the teachers are hard and stern but are great teachers. Overall, all of the teachers are easy to talk to outside of the classroom. They will answer any questions we may have. We're all a family and community where everyone knows everyone. Community High School taught me a lot more about hospitality than any book could.
I don't play or watch many of the school sports that are offered. I am an art student.
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Our school may be small but it does very well with what it has to work with
The sports at this school are either extremely great or completely terrible.
I enjoyed the school, and miss it a lot. It was a school that stood out the most in Bedford County.
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