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Community High is a lifesaver for me, although there are flaws. Mostly in the lack of communication between administration & students potential or currently enrolled. Reflected in facilities, diversity being the subject I am most concerned with.
Community is a jack-of-trades school, with strong STEAM foundations that fights lack of recourses, continuing to succeed. It doesn't market itself that way, targeting a niche group skewing the diversity numbers by a large margin.
More students with disabilities are enrolling to Community with every year, & if the resources are not available they'll un-enroll. For example, in room 306 a chair that is wheelchair accessible is the same chair that falls over the most.
I know it seems like I am bashing Community I'm not trying to do that. What's listed above are my largest concerns because its necessary that Community continues to be a safe space for students. Without Community I would not be the person I am today. I feel truly ready for anything.
Community had such an incredible environment for me to grow into adulthood. The Community Resource program allowed me to take many courses in my area of interest and gain lots of experience before college. I've never met such dedicated teachers and staff in my life.
Community is a great school for two kinds of students: those who are self-motivated, who want to achieve great things and have the freedom to do that in whatever way they want, and also those who don’t want to work very hard at all. A lot of classes are easy to get through without too much effort, but can be incredibly engaging and rewarding if you do put in the work. The everyday environment and overall vibe of Community is my favorite thing about my school. The teachers (called by their first names) are incredibly friendly and supportive, and you can feel the trust that everyone has in you. I dual-enroll at another school that is much less welcoming; everyone is stressed, there are endless rules limiting student behavior due to a lack of trust, everyone hates this teacher or that teacher or the administration...that’s not Community. That’s really the best thing about this school. It’s amazing how much the trust of your teachers can change your entire high school experience.
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When I got accepted into Community High School, I was a little unsure of what the future would bring. I was aware that my school had a different approach to high school education, but I didn’t know what that would entail, or if it would be the right fit for me.

But on my first day of school, all of my uncertainty completely melted away. I felt welcomed by all of the students and teachers, and that I was an important part of the community from the get-go. All of my classes were interesting, challenging, and all of my teachers truly cared about what they were teaching me. I was lucky to find a group of friends relatively quickly, and I loved all of my extracurricular activities.

I would highly recommend that if you are an 8th grader that is not quite satisfied with the way that you’re learning, or just want an alternative option, this school is a great choice.
The teachers are fantastic at Community High school, and it offers wonderful opportunities, however, it suffers because it is not diverse at all. The catalyst for this lack of diversity is twofold: one, the school is in the town of Ann Arbor, which has been seeing a huge hike in property values, and two, the school is on a lottery system, so there is a luck element aswell.
They will literally have school through no heat in the winter with a flood in the halls. They put no effort into protecting people of color either.
I love community. I genuinely enjoy going to school every day. The teachers care so much about the students and they really make you feel special. The classes are interesting and make the material fun to learn. Community proves that high school doesn’t have to suck.
Love it! The teachers are absolutely amazing. They are 100% invested in the success of their students. The open campus allows students to assume responsibilty over their actions. Plus, being able to enjoy lunch in downtown Ann Arbor is amazing. I loved being able to leave the stress of school behind for an hour while enjoying a nice, peaceful lunch at my all time favorite, The Slurping Turtle. And with so many amazing places to explore, the hands on learning opportunities never stop. Being able to collect data and specimen directly from the river truly allows students to connect with the material they're learning.
Absolutley amazing. This school has an enviorment unlike any other. A sense true openess and care. I wish there was more diversity within the school.
Going to Community was the best choice I made for my high school experience. It was the best fit for me and helped me succeed in more ways than the other high schools could have helped me.
The teachers are amazing, the classes are fun, there are plenty of field trips, and there are so many opportunities to take classes outside of the ones offered. The teachers not only are happy to help with work but are always there to listen and be a friend. It’s an amazing school all around and I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else.
Excellent teachers with a supportive environment for students to learn and grow. Fantastic Math and Literature departments with great teachers who genuinely engage their students in learning. School Forum allows students to 'bond,' have fun and share experience with their peers. Most of all, the school embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion that enriches the student's life.
Community high school is a wonderful school that helps teach people responsibility and helps people to find what they love and learn more about it. I have gone through many obstacles during my high school years including injuries and having to cope with having depression. My school was very supportive and helped me throughout all my hardships. Majority of the teachers at Community High School are wonderful and care about each and every student and want them to not only pass but understand all the information.

The reason why I gave my school a 4/5 stars is because there are three teachers that are not good at teaching and students avoid taking their classes because of that fact. The teachers that can teach often help those who might have to take classes with those three teachers. If I had to suggest something to my school it would be to make sure the teachers they hire understand what they need to teach and they can properly teach it.
I really enjoyed the jazz program at Community High School. I also really liked the teachers there, and how they were very and connected to and supportive of their students.
I like the personal relationships with the teachers, and that all of the teachers care. I don't like the attitude of the student body that is resistant to working hard and entitled when it comes to placing regulations, attendance policies, and doing homework.
The college prep attitude. Open-Campus, Freedom of action, friendly attitude with the staff all make this school great!
Community is unlike any other high school in the world (I'm assuming). I guess school what you make of it, but if you decide you want to make something of it at Community, you're surrounded by an incredibly passionate staff, an off-the-charts creative student body, and a genuine, kind, accepting vibe.
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Community High School is a small learning environment where teachers have personal relationships with students and acceptance is a priority. Teachers are invested in the students and truly care about their success. Students are taught to be independent thinkers, self-advocate, and set goals for themselves. The school is next door to the University of Michigan and thus, collaboration exists with unique curriculum planning, as well as AP classes taken on campus.
Community is a great school that lets the students design their own schedules based on what interests them, like taking u of m classes. It also is right downtown and has an open campus so many students eat lunch at one of the local restaurants. The school also uses block schedules.
CHS isn't the right school for everyone, but it's been great for me. The environment is open, friendly, and supportive.
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