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My experience at Community Health Academy of the Heights has been wonderful. I've made friendships that are going to last a lifetime and teachers that have inspired me to be successful and fight for what is right. The teachers at Community Health Academy of the Heights are very motivational and want what's best for their students. The extracurricular activities are fun and entertaining. I've been in a lot of them and loved each of them.
Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) helped me evolve as a person. Very easy to find friends and learn. You get a lot of chances to succeed. Most teachers are nice, you grown love and connection with most people in the school.
Community health academy of the heights is a very good community for children that have difficulty making friends because everyone is very welcoming .
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Here in CHAH everyone is extremely genuine and will do almost anything to help you succeed. This is a very rigorous school because passing is an 80% but that doesn't take away from how great coming here is. The atmosphere here is very fast-paced and professional. While it may be easy to get off-track, the team you have here behind you will be very happy to get you back and succeeding.
Being able to attend in this school is such an honor. I have been attending this school since 6th grade and overall it has been a very great experience! The teachers really help out a lot and I would definitely recommend it to anyone to apply to this school.
The school was amazing. In the beginning of my experience I felt left out and wanted to transfer but with he help of the wonderful staff and amazing counselors, I learned to love the school and call it my second home. Not only do they challenge you but, they actually get you ready for the real world. I learned important lessons from my High school experience here that friends I know from other high schools are learning by themselves in college.
Community Health Academy of the Heights as a school prioritizes the input from the community and recognizes that it takes a village to raise a child. We have facilities for parents to come in and share their thoughts or work on projects on the school's behalf. Our students have a wide variety of resources. We have a mental and physical health clinic available as well as a partnership with C.L.O.T.H, a community based nonprofit organization, that provides housing, counseling, food, work opportunities and more for the students and their families. The small classrooms and one on one attention from teachers allow for students to make close relationships and grow more from their advice and feedback.
Community Health Academy of the Heights is a small school located in a mostly Hispanic community. The community is tight-knit where every student makes many friends and knows their teachers well. The academics are great as well, and the number of classes offered grows every year. Leaving students well prepared for college or whatever path they choose to take in life
I like that teachers always give you ways to bring up your grades and are always willing to stay after school or before school to help students
What I like about my experience at Community Health Academy of the Heights is that the school is made or gives off this feeling like the school is your second family. The atmosphere is very kind, loving, and playful, just like if someone where to spent their Friday or Saturday afternoon with family their family around a table. Another reason why I enjoy the school a lot is because the teachers are very attentive in giving students the best education. The staff actually puts their time and effort into delivering extra work that could challenge the students, encouraging them to strive for the best and aim for the highest grade, in order to compete with other students from high performance schools.
The health department is always ready for may emergency as well as the safety department
The extracurricular activities are the school are very open to all students. There is a variety of sports teams like baseball, softball, volleyball etc. There is also clubs like comic book, math club, band, orchestra etc. There is are always students trying to join clubs around the school to make friends. Student Government also hosts school dance for all grades to attend and let loose.
All the teachers at this school are always there to help you. They will go above and beyond to make sure that you are getting all the help that you need. I have formed a bond with more then 2 teachers at that school and I am still keeping in touch with them.
It's good for the most part. Could work on getting more students involved and having more oppertunities.
Overall, most teachers help and motivate students, they make sure the students understand and get the matterial that they are teaching. In addition, most teachers follow the syllubus, while some decide to change it a month or two into the school year without notifying the students first.
Overall, the school staff are friendly and support their students. They are available for tutoring when needed and always try to ensure that the students understand the material as best as possible.
I really enjoy the support i recieve from teachers, i feel as though they genuinely care about my success and want me to succeed. However, there are more than a few students who are very distasteful and regard their teachers and peers with disrespect.
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I've learned a lot and have gotten many opportunities.
The teachers do an amazing job when it comes to giving work and preparing one cor a test but it's very difficult for the student to actually pass a test with amazing standards.
The school has there own personal chefs that cook healthy options of food.
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