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I highly recommend CCS! As a parent, I looked long and hard to find the best school for my kids. They went to another local private school in town and we feel that CCS is a much better environment and certainly a much better education. It seems that all the students who graduate go to college and turn out really well-adjusted and kind. The leadership program is unlike anything in Tallahassee. It allows them to travel, learn life skills, how to problem solve and how to be a leaders. I am so glad my kids have had this experience. The school is small enough for them to feel they truly matter, but large enough that they have plenty of friends. The high school classes end up being like family. It’s a cool thing to see. The guidance counselor truly cares about helping her students get into the right college and is a tremendous help. The staff and teachers are kind, loving people who care about their students and want the best for them.
Friendly/caring faculty and staff, some nice leadership opportunities, poor academics. The majority of the classic books virtually every high school student reads (1984, Catcher in the Rye, etc.) are not part of the curriculum at CCS, everything was predominantly Christian authors, and unfortunately every class subject is approached with a profoundly narrow ideological slant. Moreover, they tend to imbue students with a paranoid perspective of the "outside" world, teaching them that the majority of society and culture will be working actively against them as they continue into adulthood as a Christian. Faculty and admin were discouraging toward ideas and views that didn't fit into the conservative, fundamentalist Christian framework of belief, and faculty didn't seem very interested in developing independent, open minds. This can be very suffocating to the curious mind, even patronizing and outright insulting. Intelligence/truth cannot thrive in a place like this.
I went to school here for the vast majority of my pre-university education. As I'll be graduating from college soon, I reflect back on my time at CCS with bittersweet feelings. This place in a very large way molded me as a young person. The special, mentor/student relationships with teachers, along with the many friends I made at CCS, are things I still treasure. However, this school has severe shortcomings as an academic institution which they appear to be entirely unaware of. They have no business calling themselves a "college prep" high school. Their approach to academics is not in any way comparable to their devotion and fixation on spiritual development. Many of the high school faculty I was instructed by were supremely unqualified for their jobs, AP courses were an absolute joke and rarely did anyone pass the AP exams. Many of the courses would only cover a fraction of the required material before the year was over—yet these problems were not a priority to the administration.
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I went to this school from 5th grade through graduating high school. This is genuinely the only school in the city where the name Christian actually means what it says. Only big sports are Volleyball and Soccer. Courses are challenging and the high school experience is like no other!
CCS does a great job of balancing academics with teaching the students to serve and help others. There is a large focus on the Leadership Program in high school, and it begins in middle school with community service projects and even in elementary with small class projects. The teachers do an excellent job of teaching with a Biblical worldview and integrating God's Word into all things. Several students have competed at National and state level competitions - the teachers are great about encouraging kids to excel.
The administrators do a great job of listening to parents and students. With a small school, they know most students and families, so as long as parents bring their concerns to the administration, they are able to help.
No school is perfect, but CCS does a great job of staying involved with discipline and security measures.
The teachers at CCS are great and truly care about our education. They do their best to study all topics included in the course.
The High School Leadership program is great for training those to become leaders! We all grow closer together on different excursions and get to share Christ in multiple environments. Our school is full of nice, caring people and people who care about our education.
Middle school isn't allowed to chew gum or wear flip flops, but high school is. It's understandable because Middle Schoolers aren't responsible with it. The dress code is modest and acceptable. Office staff and guidance counselors are always available and willing to help.
You will totally feel accepted at CCS, but sometimes there can be clicks. There's not a lot of peer pressure and everyone gets involved with everything.
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