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The school is a very strict school at a very loving school the environment is caring towards others and open to ideas what is not very diverse we’re very big the education is worth extra money and power very good teaching us how to be ready for the future and how to prepare self for collegeThat was a job with math and science and overall the school education is a smooth experience the better is the person that goes there
I love the welcoming and loving environment that is available at CCS. With loving teachers and a positive environment, I feel right at home. Also, the classes are competitive and supply a heavy work load that is prepping me well for college.
I love Community Christian school because of two reasons. One it helps build my faith and two it helps get me ready for college.
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I loved my time at CCS! I had a great high school experience and have so many connections with former/current students and faculty. If you or your kiddos are thinking of going, I would suggest they get involved. Since the school is on the smaller side, getting involved gives you a wide variety of friends and passions, just like it would at any school. Involvements are what makes it worthwhile (very worthwhile!!). I regularly talk to many of my former teachers and I love to go back to CCS events from time to time so I can visit with everyone. Some administrators helped me achieve some goals for my freshman year at OU, and for that I am very thankful. Definitely will send my future kids here one day!
I have always loved CCS. The teachers really care about the students. Their curriculum is not specifically college prep but it is advanced enough. The most important thing is they give you a very good foundation and schooling on the Bible and why you believe what you believe. I am forever grateful for the time I had at CCS and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good Christian private education.
I thoroughly enjoyed going to school at CCS in Norma for 14 years. The teachers were all kind, very knowledgeable, caring, fun and loving. Every teacher had your best interest at heart. I made lifelong friends there.

I did not love the dress code along with everyone, else but it has gotten me ready for the real world and prepared me for what has and will come.
There should be more teachers having some kind of master degrees. More choice for food and not changing the price every 6 months .
I am a Junior attending CCS. I have attended CCS since 8th grade and I love it. The school is a great environment and the teachers are very dedicated. CCS has helped me prepare for college.
CCS is a friendly community where a new student can fit in fairly easy. The school is built based on God and the Bible and it went strictly with its foundation. The teachers are kind and loving, many of them are excellent in their field and able to interpret knowledge to the students in an easy way to understand.
They would constantly tell us that only 14% of us would not go to hell. The student culture is equally atrocious, and as I result I developed crippling social anxiety. The administration also practices a guilt-based learning system. In fact, this school is notorious among several local psychiatrists for borderline psychological abuse. The academics are underfunded, but in an ironic twist of fate they spent all that money on sports but still can't manage to win hardly any football games.
It is a private Christian school that claims to be non-denomination but has a strong Baptist/Methodist influence of the Christianity and the Scripture. The best part of the school is that is very safe with a Blue Point system that automatically notifies police if triggered and doors that require ID key card to enter. However, it is a very close-minded places and conservative school. The teachers are very trans phobic and homophobic even though they try to play it down and act like they are just worried for the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, everything is taught with a very old Biblical view, so Intelligent Design is the basis of everything and anything else is denied. For a student that wants a secular education based on science, this is not the place for them.
Closed-minded school with no diversity or tolerance. Everyone is the same and if you're different you get treated awfully by students AND teachers.
Great School! High Expectations bring a lot out of the students! A less strict atmosphere would be a good upgrade to the school.
Community Christian school is a great place to go to school if you are looking for a place to go where you can express your Christian faith with limited persecution. The curriculum is a bit more challenging than that of a public school. Nonetheless, the school's challenging curriculum helps to better prepare it's students for college.
The academics are good and the people I suppose are decent. The rules are ridiculously strict in my opinion, and it feels like they force religion down your throat. However compared to some other schools I’ve heard of and seen, the atmosphere is considerably better and the school isn’t very big. I am thankful for my school however it’s hard to admit so. Anyways so that’s all.
I have been at Community Christian School (CCS) since Pre-K and have enjoyed the learning experience. The teachers are very helpful and the typically the students continue their education in this setting, so you end up making great friends for a lifetime. One thing I wish we had at CCS is more extra-curricular activities to participate in/school clubs. I have appreciated the learning experience but still sometimes consider going to public a few times during my term at CCS. I have had opportunity to be a cheerleader at CCS and enjoyed the friendships and competitions we participated in. I love winning.
I came from a school where i was not accepted and the administration did nothing about it. Then i came to Community Christian School and made me feel welcome and apart of their family. They have been extremely helpful with everything I needed. As well as challenging me in academics. I am grateful for the chance to strengthen my faith and give me opportunities to grow.
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It’s a good school helps you grow closer to God and challenges you in your school work to prepare you for College
It is a very close minded and biased place. Girls who were curvy were not allowed to wear the same things that the non curvy girls could wear. You get kicked out if you have sex or if you get pregnant. There is no safe sex talk, or even a sex talk. Students had to be very secretive about their lives because we were worried about being kicked out. The only thing I liked about the school was the feeling of community, everyone felt like family.
Community Christian School prepared me greatly for college and helped me from immensely as a person.
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