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As a student I have had a very poor experience at Community Christian School. Many of the rules are outdated and do not apply to kids today. Though they have a good Christian perspective to their education this school does not prepare students for the real world. The school is also not in an ideal location and it is very hard for new families interested in a Christian school to find out about.
Community shaped me through all 13 year of my attendance because I always had the impression that the teachers genuinely cared about me as a person.
Fantastic college prep curriculum with heavy emphasis on western philosophy & language arts. Great fine arts program as well with multiple wins at state and national level competitions. More importantly the school institutionalizes a discipline and respect for ones self that will serve its graduates well throughout life.
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Community Christian School is a school for any age in your pre-adult life. Starts at nursery and goes up to high school graduation. You will grow close to God, friends, and find who you are as a person. Community Christian School has helped me progress and find myself through many situations and having challenging teaching material. Community allows sports, education, and spiritual growth a very important thing but the last thing listed as the most important.
The leadership needs to prepare for STEM and the necessary knowledge/skills for this type of career. Not everyone in a Christian school will go to Bible college. Children need to be motivated, stimulated, and challenged to learn. The music and English preparation at this school are fantastic. The science and math are greatly lacking. No honors program, let alone AP classes, are available for kids who are following specific career paths.
Most genuinely care about the students and their education.
The gym is going to be redone so that will improve the overall appearance for visitors.
Although not located in the best area of town, the campus is fairly safe
Administration is fairly attentive to issues when they occur in the school
There could be more sports options...
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