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The staff and teachers at CCA are awesome. The curriculum is great. The teachers and staff work hard to keep the students safe.
Forced to go there so it wasn't my choice. Teachers are bigoted and do not care about students. If you don't believe in exactly what they believe, you will be hated. No room for discussion or debate when topics are brought up. Teachers don't respect srudents, yet they expect to be respected. If you want a good education, go elsewhere. I would only recommend this school if your child has already accepted the brain washing that they teach.
CCA is a small school and one of the perks in smaller class sizes. Teachers can work one on one with students. This allows for students who are struggling to receive extra help while allowing the others to go beyond and work at their own pace. It's a friendly environment with wonderful staff. The one thing I would suggest is having more elective classes. I know it's tough, being a small school and all. However, everyone has different talents and abilities. Not everyone can spike a volleyball and not everyone has time to devote to NHS. I think more after school extra curriculars that aren't sports will attract students. All in all, it does an excellent job of preparing students for college.
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I have been attending this school since pre-school. And as I finish up my senior year, all I can say is that my experience here has been an amazing one. I love he family atmosphere this school creates. the teachers are there for you, and not the money. The curriculum is challenging, as expected, which seriously helps in the long run. As I entered the college world, I realized I was more prepared in certain fields (such as writing papers and communication skills) then some of my friends who went to public schools. I love this school!
As a first year student at Community Christian Academy, I can say firsthand that this is the best school I have ever attended. I look forward to going everyday due to the inviting atmosphere. It can be challenging from an academic standpoint, but the relaxed yet disciplined environment makes it achievable and even enjoyable. The teachers take the time to make sure you are doing okay both academically and emotionally.
Community Christian Academy is a small private school that feels like a family. The teachers are able to work with students one on one. They really care.
I have attended the Private School my whole life, and I am glad to say I have gone through the years with little to no complaints. Of course, every school has it's own difficulties, so I cannot say it is perfect, because I know that is not true. But I can say this school has brought challenges upon me, either spiritually, academically, or socially, all of which have given me the experience to grow in each of the fields, and I appreciate that.
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