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I feel like I was able to become a better version of myself by going to the Community Charter School of Cambridge. The school has pushed me by giving me a rigorous workload and I learned from them what hard work meant. I feel like because I was able to get through so many obstacles while being in the school and can do anything I set my mind to.
I have been at this school for six years. If you want a school that knows what they are doing educationally than CCSC is great in that area. However, they focus on students behavior more than getting them to learn the material a lot of the time. They are trying to work on it, but still can use some improvements in that area.
I love the fact that students are able to get extra help from teachers on assignments and be able to complete extra assignments if they need to so that they could get their grades up. One thing about CCSC that I hope will change in the near future is that the school would offer more options for extracurriculars and classes offered.
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I like how they prepare us for college. I would like for the discipline to change. It should be more focused on education than disciplining students.
The school's faculty members were great. They showed much compassion and interest in the students' wellbeing and education. The environment was also cozy and well-suited for learning. I also felt like the education in the school prepared me adequately for college, especially with the amount of workload placed on us. There were definitely intense classes within the high school, but I think they were needed in order to better prepare the students for college. The only aspect I would have changed in the high school is the size and amount of classes. The school is still somewhat novel, which is why there are neither a wide range of classes to take nor a sufficient amount of space for a school trying to teach grades 6-12. I do know that the school is expanding though and hope to continue expanding. With a larger amount of space, this school would be perfect!
My 18 year old daughter attends CCSC and its has been a wonderful experience. It is a charter school in Cambridge. She is a senior and will be graduating soon. CCSC offers a variety of sports and academics. The teachers are caring and there is one on one support. They have school based relationships with MIT and Harvard, where a lot of teachers do internships. They have a discipline system based on merits and demerits. Its could be Saturday detention or 45 min after school detention. Which is called after school support because they want the students to use that time for educational purposes and homework help.
Great school that prepares students for college. Each class is very challenging in its own way but the teachers are there to make sure everything is understood and that you're ready for college.
The academic system is magnificent, the teachers are very professional. The director is very nice and cares about the students, listens to parents and shares in all school activities. I would like to give students more opportunity to defend themselves and give their opinion in some aspects. Parents are allowed to be in contact with the school and any school employee, but for students this is very limited.
I think that the community charter school of Cambridge is a great school for students who want to push themselves with a harder curriculum. The teachers here are very smart, which helps students to be more engaged in what you are learning. Something that I would like to see them work on is not allowing someones physical appearance to be able to get in the way of them getting their education. For examples there have been many instances where if someone did not have a belt they were forced to go all the way home and get one. This taking away from their learning experience.
I was an extremely timid and shy person. Keeping to myself, minding my own business, and drawing little to no attention to me seemed like the best solution for me. When I became apart of the Community Charter School of Cambridge I became a three-sport academic athlete in high school. At first, I didn’t entirely know what this meant. As the years passed my life began to gradually change and I began to have others look up to me. I did not quite know how to respond to this. Knowing that there were younger people watching my every move and seeing me as a role model frightened me a bit. Yet, I stepped up to the plate and accepted the role. Doing so, I became the captain of my soccer team. I vividly remember many of my teammates wanting to go against me during scrimmages, for they liked the challenge. They loved having the chance to improve their skills. This school helped me break out of my shell and show others it is ok to be yourself because others may look up to you.
The Community Charter School of Cambridge has a small, welcoming, community where students are able to find support as needed. Despite this strong community students here do not get much of a voice when it comes to making changes.
Community Charter School of Cambridge is a very diverse school. On the other hand, I believe that it is very under resourced and due to this lack many college readiness programs classes that is needed to completely prepare their students for college. They still need to offer more AP courses, and not just start AP courses from the 10th/11th grade. I personally did not have much of a high school experience because I attended CCSC. The school is extremely and unnecessarily strict and it is takes away from the student's comfort at the school.
The Community Charter School of Cambridge prepared my daughter to enter college. She is focused and has great study habits.
What I like about the school is how much the teachers care for the students academic and personal standings. They want to know if the student is okay and they also care about how their grades are doing. Some go out of their way to help the student's future here at CCSC. The school is like one big community so everywhere you go, you can always find peers laughing with one another or teachers conversing about today's news. The teachers care about what they are teaching their students and at the end of the day, you walk out learning something new.
This was a wonderful prep school that was able to prepare me for the work of a college student by mimicking the work load.
I'll be honest, the first day I went I was angry and hated it because it was completely different from the school I went to before but over the years of going I have learned more then I ever have. They taught me to read college level when my reading level was below the grade I was already in now I'm a 12 grader who can now read at an 11th graderSt level. That might make me sound a little dumb but it was a huge improvement compared to me going to a different public school.
I liked the family-like community that makes up Ccsc. It's easy to feel as though everyone cares and plays a role on your journey to college and beyond
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What I really liked about CCSC, is how college oriented the school is at the start when a student enters in middle school instead of waiting for when they transition to the highschool. Each class in its own way prepares students for college as well as individual teachers. The school for the most part seems to hire teachers who actually do care about their students and their lives outside of school.
I personality didn't like it. It didn't suit me as a individual, but it definitely prepares you for college and good academics.
Pretty good school for the most part. The staff is pretty invested in what they do and the size of the school ensures that there will always be people there to push you. With that said, I feel like they babied us a little too much. I did feel pretty prepared going to college, but it was a lot going from people watching over my shoulders everyday to being completely independent. Also there is a lack in APs which is improving every year but still.
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