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My high school experience at Community Baptist Christian School has been disappointing as far as the school aspect itself goes. I have been able to form incredibly strong friendships in my years there and have always felt a strong sense of bonding in the student body. However, I feel that the academics and administration have not adequately prepared me for college. They have challenged me, but it has not been in a way that helps broaden my mind to higher education. It has simply felt like I've been assigned something, I turn it in, and then that cycle just repeats. The school also has not done much in helping students, especially the upper classmen, with finding out what they want to do with their lives after high school.
I attended school here for a year and the teachers are horribly rude and only care about the students that have attended for 2
3+ years and the children are taught to be snobby and rude with a "more important than you" entightlement attitude.
I really enjoyed the Christian atmosphere and the genuine concern the teachers had for their students
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Some teachers are great, a few teachers suck. Compared to public high schools, Community will better prepare you for college. It's nice to be involved in multiple extra curriculars, but there is not a variety of classes to choose from. The students generally are spoiled christian school brats. Unless you have a good relationship with a teacher, you will not grow spiritually because the students don't talk openly about that stuff.
I like the Christ-like atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone that I have meet. They don't have all required high school classes, but the school does offer online college and highschool classes.
We have a great choir and band and almost everyone is involves in an extracurricular activity.
I love the fact that there is such a close relationship between the teachers and their students! They help us grow spiritually and mentally!
Our teachers are always very dedicated and interested in having a lasting relationship with their students
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