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Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School Reviews

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I do like how Community Academy makes you work hard to show what you can do. Challenges are just walls that stop you, but community academy makes sure that you need help. Teachers are very nice and likable. Classrooms are nice and clean. With updated tech every year ever since I have been there.
The thing I love most about CAP is that everyone is family. Friends, teachers, and even the janitors. Everyone has a strong connection with each other and are open to help with anything. I recommend students to go to CAP for a fun, safe, and happy experience.
Community Academy of Philadelphia is definitely a challenge because even though high school as it is, is tough and stressful to think about, but what I can say about my school is that it has a lot of helpful resources for a student to go to especially for college readiness. One thing I think Community should change are the teachers because some of them don't have the motivation or energy to actually sit down with the student and help them.
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I attended Community Academy from 4th grade to 12th grade. It was a very good school; safe, welcoming, and local school. Management could have had more clubs for people to join, however it was overall a good experience.
I have been attending Community Academy of Philadelphia since I was in kindergarten. I have Autism Ashberger Syndrome. The school has many services for me, the teachers are very helpful. They help me with my school work make sure I complete all my assignments just make sure I stay on track with everything. If it wasn't for me attending Community Academy of Philadelphia, I don't know where I would be. My Soccer coach is very nice to me he is patient and kind and I am very thankful for my Soccer coach. The school has taught me to be confident and I know I am going to do big things in this world because of attending Community Academy of Philadelphia.
Community Academy of Philadelphia is a school all about favoritism. They treat some students well and the other horrible. Good teaching.
The school is okay academically, but for clubs not as many chances. I feel like their is favoritism, don't really focus on our struggles. Only care about the students who have the highest grades and don't care about our mental health.
The school is excellent, because of the teachers and curriculum my boys have encountered. Administration has a good communication with staff and families. Every year there is a new program or club my boys can join. CAP prepares your child to succeed - open doors to questions and ideas that enables the specific child to challenge themselves in specific area where they may lack.
My experience at Community Academy of Philadelphia (CAP) is something that I will never forget. The faculty are really nice and offer their help when students need it. There are many opportunities for a lot of students. I was on CAP News, the school newspaper, the soccer team, and the running club throughout my highschool career. I also participated in the talent show, hosted the annual school pep-rally, and did more things. I feel like I've been prepared enough to handle myself in the real world.
This school has been the only school i've ever known. The teachers and students and faculty are all well respected. Community is like my second home we are all a family.
I was at community Academy for 4 years and my overall experience was that I love the clubs and language class the school has.
The whole atmosphere of CAP is wonderful and most teachers really care and go above and beyond to help out the students.
I wish there were less favoritism and more inclusivity. All students should be given an equal opportunity for the things that the school offers.
I loved the school, I love how much it helps seniors to be ready for college. I love how much diversity is in the school, how we are one big family. I love how we can feel safe around the school because of the security guards that are there. the school food, though, could be better. I wish there could be more clubs that everyone can join and there tends to be a lot of favoritism from time to time. The school, in general, is great and I have met wonderful people there.
I like almost everything about my school because it opens you to many opportunities and it gets you prepared for what the future has set for you .
I have been at Community Academy since kindergarten. My experience has been a good one. I have had the best teachers, some of which I am still in contact with even though they are no longer teaching there.
The school "CAP" is great. It is extremely safe and always clean. They provide challenging courses, including AP courses and Dual Enrollment.
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Clean school with great security. Favoritism is the biggest problem. Teachers have little to no patience and are quick to send kids to discipline, where they sit for hours doing nothing, to then sit for detention waiting to get yelled at by the vice principal. Guidance only helps the "smart" kids to make their jobs easier and make the school "look good". Everyone else is pushed to the side and forced to apply to community college at the last minute. The rules don't apply to everyone... favorites are untouchable.... especially the overseas student, 60's class students and CAP news students. CAP has a high college drop outbrate because their teachers don't teach, so it's easy for kids to get their gold paw pin.
CAP is a great school. The school is always clean and has the best security. It is full of great opportunities, including the Overseas Trip and many clubs.
This is my first year in Community academy of philadelphia, and ever since I have been here i have improved academically. The staff and teachers are great.
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